Air Fryer Crispy Bacon

Air Fryer Crispy Bacon
Making Bacon in the Air Fryer is so quick and easy. And no big mess to clean up!

Yield: 6 PIECES 
Cook Time: 10 MINUTES 
Total Time: 10 MINUTES


  • 5-6 slices bacon


  1. Preheat Air Fryer on 360 degrees F for 2-3 minutes. 
  2. Place slices of bacon in single layer in Air Fryer basket. 
  3. Cook bacon in Air Fryer 10 minutes on 360 degrees F. If needed, flip bacon and cook another 3-5 minutes until crispy. 
  4. Remove bacon from Air Fryer and blot with paper towel to remove excess grease. 


  • If cooking more than one batch of bacon, be sure to empty the grease from the bottom of the Air Fryer between batches to reduce smoke.
Air Fryer Crispy Bacon
It’s so easy to make Crispy Bacon in the Air Fryer. It only takes 10-15 minutes to get even thick bacon to crisp up. And there’s no standing over the stove or dodging popping grease with this Air Fryer Crispy Bacon. 
Air Fryer Crispy Bacon

Air Fryer Crispy Bacon

There are many options in the Air Fryer market these days.

I have a Cozyna XL model and I really love it.

I love it so much that I actually have two!

It’s a 5.8 QT Air Fryer and it’s large enough to fit a whole chicken inside so there’s plenty of room for whatever you’re thinking about cooking. 

Here are some tips on what to look for in an Air Fryer:
  • Look for a large-capacity basket. I have a 5.8 QT Air Fryer and I think this a great size. I fit 6 full-sized pieces of bacon in the bottom of the Air Fryer basket.
  • Look for a basket that is dishwasher-safe. The Cozyna’s basket is dishwasher-safe and also has a nonstick basket that lets food just slide right out.
  • Look for an Air Fryer that goes up to at least 400 degrees F. Some foods, such as Air Fryer Catfish Fillets, needs temps at 400 degrees to get crispy.
Air Fryer Crispy Bacon

Let’s just start with the good stuff. Wright Brand bacon is really the best.

It’s not too thick, not too thin and cooks up great every time.

It also doesn’t tear when you try to separate the slices of bacon.

I think this is mostly because it’s not too thin like some other brands.

This is not a sponsored post or anything.

I’m just telling you about this bacon because I’ve had a great experience with it. 

Wright Brand has several flavors of their bacon.

I used the hickory flavor for our breakfast today but I’ve tried some of their other flavors and they’ve all been great. 
Air Fryer Crispy Bacon
Bacon needs to cook in a single layer in the Air Fryer.

Bacon needs to cook in a single layer pretty much any way you cook it.

In my Air Fryer, I could fit 5-6 full-sized strips of bacon in my Air Fryer at a time.

After cooking for 10 minutes, use a pair of tongs to flip the bacon over and cooked it for another 3-5 minutes until the bacon is perfectly crispy.

If you don’t mind if the bacon is flat or not, you can just shake the air fryer basket to redistribute the bacon.

The bacon will curl up a bit but it’s still perfect and much easier for situations where you will be crumbling the bacon or using it in another dish, the shake method is perfect.
Air Fryer Crispy Bacon

You can expect to get 5-6 slices of bacon in a single layer in an extra-large Air Fryer.

If you’ll be cooking more bacon than that, you’ll need to cook multiple batches.

In between each batch, be sure to drain the grease from the Air Fryer.

Grease from the bacon collects in the bottom of the Air Fryer pan.

You’ll want to get remove this between batches so that the grease doesn’t start to smoke.

I have a little tip for getting rid of grease.

I set a Ziploc bag into a coffee cup then pour the grease into the bag for disposal.

No mess. 
Air Fryer Crispy Bacon

We all pitched in so that we could enjoy this delicious breakfast.

I made the bacon in the Air Fryer, Emily made eggs to order for all of us, and Mike made the biscuits.

It was a lot of fun to cook together and get to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

A labor of love!
Air Fryer Crispy Bacon

And let me just say – this Air Fryer Bacon was delicious!!!

It was perfectly cooked and crispy.

Next time you cook bacon, try out this cooking method in your Air Fryer.

Have you ever tried Boneless Chicken Breast in the Air Fryer? It turns out juicy and flavorful every time.

© Jennifer

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