Summer Walker - Clear 2: Soft Life EP Music Album Reviews

Summer Walker - Clear 2: Soft Life EP Music Album Reviews
The Atlanta vocalist's curbed new EP is less keen on remembering show than discovering a sense of harmony.

Barely any things more sincerely destroying than are being deserted by a significant other during your most memorable pregnancy. Indeed, perhaps the ladies he went behind your back with boasting about it via web-based entertainment. On 2021's Still Ready to move on, Summer Walker broadcasted her grimy clothing, getting down on her ex for being a liar, clout chaser, and miscreant, some of the time over his own creation. "I want to begin with your momma, she ought to have been outshone your butt," she sang. Presently, a few sweethearts and children later, she's less keen on expounding on life looking like an episode of Affection and Hip-Bounce. She's tracking down peacefulness.

Exploring heartfelt love is a hellscape for People of color; debasement and fetishization appear pre-modified into your life script. It's the reason craftsmen like Megan You Steed and City Young ladies take on fierce, marginal misandrist personas as suits of protection. Walker knows that keeping an extreme outside gets debilitating, and the title of her most recent EP, Clear 2: Delicate Life, tries to solace and straightforwardness. On the wearied neo-soul of "Hardlife," she yearns for somebody to accommodate her, desirous of ladies "with they feet kicked up/And they glass close by." People of color were a wellspring of ill will in her previous discography, yet on the sluggish scoring opener, teammate J. Cole offers sweet talk and appreciation: "I'm sendin' you, SZA, and Ari my affection/You all holdin' us down, you all holdin' the crowns," he says in an "sound embrace," an absolute minimum motion that models Walker's ongoing bar for the men in her day to day existence.

Progress isn't straight; Walker actually enjoys some exhilarating brokenness on "New Sort," where Infantile Gambino plays a sweetheart who can scarcely manage the cost of supper at McDonald's yet still figures out how to reprimand her body and decisions. You can educate there's something concerning a project that she views as compelling, yet when she conjures another scandalously deadbeat man, the one on Erykah Badu's "Tyrone," this is on the grounds that this time she has the insight to recognize a commendable accomplice and a period killer. She is normally clever, a certainly convincing speaker. She pretends disregard to get a man to pursue her on "Pull Up" — "Stop touchin' me, I'm gettin' out" — yet can't cover that she's a giggly heartfelt on the most fundamental level: "You entertaining, I love you as well."

Walking through her untidy individual life and arising on the opposite side, Walker models development for individuals who saw themselves in the abandoned storyteller of Still Ready to move on. "We will develop intellectually, profoundly, truly, monetarily, um, inwardly," she settle on the verbally expressed word nearer "Agayu's Disclosure," supported by gleaming pianos and light woodwinds civility of Solange, Steve Silky, and John Caroll Kirby. For Walker, the "delicate life" isn't simply poolside wine spritzers: It's gaining from your missteps and creating self-empathy. Try not to attempt to turn the block on her until you have clear chakras and a vigorously clarified duplicate of about affection.

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