Full Time Movie Review

Full Time Movie Review
No Time

Subsequent to watching chief Eric Rock's "Full Time," a French story of a lady having a frantic existence in and around Paris, the superseding feeling I was left with was a longing to stay away from that region no matter what.

Julie (Laure Calamy) is a single parent of two small kids who lives in a modest community close to Paris. Each day, while it's as yet dim outside, she drops the children off at the sitter and afterward runs as quick as possible to get the train for the drive to Paris.

After she gets off the train, assuming that she's probably going to get to the train on time and that there is a train to get, she runs as quick as possible to her occupation as head servant in a five-star lodging.

Generally, there is no train on the grounds that the laborers are protesting, so she is compelled to take a transport that could possibly be accessible. In some cases she needs to do the drive by catching a ride, and once she even leases a vehicle for one day.

In pretty much every casing of "Full Time" she is running as well as agonizing over being behind schedule for work or getting back so as to get her children by the day's end. Rock doesn't appear to comprehend that we can see she's being stretched past human boundaries, so he adds a film score that shouts nervousness.

To entangle matters, since things aren't insanely enough, she has a lowlife ex who doesn't take her frantic calls since he owes her divorce settlement, so she is becoming bankrupt.

To add yet more confusions, she is talking with for another position, driving her to miss time at work and putting her much nearer really close to losing her employment. Her life isn't loaded up with tranquility and quietness. That is pounded into us in pretty much each and every scene.

Anyway, what precisely is Rock attempting to confer to us? Is it the predicament of ladies? The predicament of a single parent? The predicament of working in a present day, large city society?

I don't know.

In the last scene, there is an unexpected second where Julie gets uplifting news, at the same time, is it truly uplifting news? The film promptly blurs to dark and the credits start to roll.

Ms. Calamy works effectively as the lead, and keeping in mind that I'm certain there probably been a couple of seconds she's not on screen, I can't imagine one. "Full Time" is certainly not a terrible film, yet it seemed to me like watching a mallet hit similar nail a truckload of times. I've conversed with other people who loved it significantly more than I, so perhaps you'll like it, as well, yet generally I was appreciative when it was finished.
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