Samsung Bespoke Jet Review

Samsung Bespoke Jet Review
The Bespoke Jet has arrived. It's (close to) beautiful and functional. But if you're in the UK, it's not as bespoke as it sounds. Find out why in our full review.

Should I Buy The Samsung Bespoke Jet Complete Extra?

  • Powerful
  • Attractive
  • Great features
  • Limited colour options
  • Feels heavier than it is
  • Uncomfortable grip
Our Verdict
  • Samsung has improved an already great cordless cleaner with an auto-empty function and a sleek new look. But although the colour options are a key part of the Bespoke line, you may not be able to get the one you want yet.

Price When Reviewed

  • $699.99
Samsung’s Bespoke product line began with modular, flat-fronted fridges and fridge freezers with a wide range of coloured panels you could choose from, and swap out over time.

Since then, the range has grown to encompass more home appliances. Now the brand has released a Bespoke take on its Jet Pro cordless vacuum cleaner.

The Bespoke Jet has two key features that differentiate it from the Jet Pro. First, its charging stand doubles as a suction dock that automatically empties the cordless cleaner. Second, it comes in three colour options.

Bespoke Jet Models

If you buy in the US, it’s a straightforward proposition. There are three colour options – Woody Green, Misty White and Midnight Blue – all with the same accessories and an RRP of $899.

If you’re in the UK, things are slightly more complicated. There are four models on offer: the Bespoke Jet Pet, the Bespoke Jet Complete, the Bespoke Jet Complete Extra and the Bespoke Jet Pro Extra.

They differ in the accessories offered with them and there’s a big price jump from the Bespoke Jet Complete at £629 to the Bespoke Jet Pro Extra at £849, so it’s worth deciding which accessories you really want.

What's disappointing is that all models are not available in each colour option. The Bespoke Jet Pet and Complete come in Misty White, the Complete Extra comes in Woody Green and the Bespoke Jet Pro Extra comes in Midnight Blue.

This means that if you have a slate and blue kitchen and you’d like the blue Bespoke Jet to match it, you’ll have to shell out for the Pro Extra Model. As it is, three colour options constitute a very tenuous definition of bespoke – but a lack of colour choice is the absolute opposite of it. 

We’re reviewing the Complete Extra in Woody Green.

Design And Build

  • 50 mins maximum runtime
  • 4 cleaning modes
  • 3.5 hour charging time
The Bespoke Jet is a modular, cordless vacuum cleaner that you can use in stick or a neat handheld form.
Samsung Bespoke Jet Review

Whichever colour you choose, the wand, handle and trigger and attachments are in matt black. The only colour on the vacuum cleaner itself is in the bands of either white, green or blue on either side of the filter, along with gold accents.
Samsung Bespoke Jet Review

The filter is washable and transparent. Samsung claims that its multi-layer system catches and traps over 99.99% of dust. We can’t verify that. What we can say is that, although the vacuum cleaner itself is bagless, its suction dock contains a bag – which transforms it into a bagged cleaning system.

This is much better for people with hay fever, a dust sensitivity or related allergies, as you won’t be releasing a lot of dust back into the air when you empty its dustbin.

At 0.5 litres, the bin isn’t huge. By comparison, the Dyson V15 Detect has a 0.76l capacity. However, the suction dock renders this much less important as you can instantly and easily empty it.

The Bespoke Jet’s controls are simple. Just above the handle, there’s an on/off button and + and – keys. Switch it on and use the keys to toggle between four cleaning modes: low, medium, high and jet. There’s no trigger to keep depressed while you clean.
Samsung Bespoke Jet Review

A discreet display shows error messages and tells you how long the battery life will last in whichever mode you’re using. From a full battery, according to the vacuum I’m testing, you’ll get 50 minutes in low, 25 in medium, 15 in high and 9 in jet mode – or 42, 24, 14 and 8 minutes with the motorised head attached.

This compares pretty favourably with competing cordless cleaners: it’s as good as any high-powered cordless vacuum, and better than most.

It has a stated charging time of 3.5 hours, although I can’t confirm this as I came nowhere near running down the battery.


  • US accessories come in standard bundle
  • UK accessories depend on model type
  • All have accessory stand with battery charging
The Bespoke Jet comes with high-quality accessories that really make a difference when cleaning.

In the UK, accessories vary depending on which model you choose. All models come with a telescoping wand which you can adjust to the right height while you vacuum, so there’s no need to stoop; the Jet Dual brush head, which can be used on carpet, tile and wood flooring; a powerful pet tool for getting fur off upholstery; a combination tool; an extension crevice tool; a very useful flexible joint for easy overhead vacuuming; plus three dust bags and a removable lithium-ion battery.

The Complete also comes with a narrower Slim Action brush. The Complete Extra comes with all of this and a spare battery.
Samsung Bespoke Jet Review

Finally, the Bespoke Pro Extra also comes with the spray spinning sweeper attachment, as well as mopping pads.

All models also come with an accessory cradle in a matching colour, which has space to store all the tools not in use and will charge a spare battery if you have one.
Samsung Bespoke Jet Review

In the US, the Bespoke Jet comes with a standard bundle of accessories: as well as the Jet Dual multi-surface head and adjustable wand, there’s a pet tool, combination tool, long reach crevice tool, flexible joint and a mini motorised tool, plus two batteries and accessory cradle. Anything else will have to be bought separately.

Then, of course, there’s the auto-emptying dock.

Bespoke Jet Auto-Emptying Dock

  • Charging and auto-emptying in one
  • Slim design
  • Noisy
This vacuum cleaner is really all about the co-ordinating dock. When I tested the Jet 90, I thought it was an excellent vacuum cleaner but felt that the charging stand was oversized and ugly. The new dock is a huge improvement and a genuine reason to invest in one, packing more features in a slimmer form.

It’s incredibly handy. As soon as you’ve finished vacuuming, just drop the vacuum into the dock and it’ll begin charging. If you want to empty the dustin, one press of the button on the dock and a suction blast will pull out all of the dust and fluff from the vacuum cleaner bin, so there’s no need to poke around inside it.

I found it to be very effective, although a few wisps of hair and fluff inevitably remain behind and sooner or later, you'll still have to give the filter a proper clean.

You'll also need to bear in mind that the suction emptying is a fairly noisy process, although it only lasts a couple of seconds. You’ll also have to press the button a second time to stop the process and, when you remove the vacuum cleaner the next time, ensure that the bin lid is closed – when I tested it, it was left hanging open each time after suction emptying.

The dock is also a genuinely attractive piece of kit. It’s not bulky, it’s sleek and, of course you can co-ordinate it with your interior – although that’s easier to do if you’re buying in the US.
Samsung Bespoke Jet Review

I tested the Woody Green colourway and I liked it a lot, although my partner felt that it looked like military hardware. I’m still not sure if he considers this a pro or a con.


  • 210AW of suction
  • Weight with main cleaning head: 6lbs (2.72lbs)
  • Can be used as a stick or handheld cleaner
The Bespoke Jet is simple and intuitive to set up and easy to use from then on. All of its joints and accessories click satisfyingly into place and are easy to remove with release buttons.

It’s a powerful and effective vacuum cleaner. Samsung says it has 210AW of suction in its jet mode. The Dyson V15 Detect pips it at a maximum of 240AW, but it’s comparable.

It has four cleaning modes. I’d guess that medium would be the most often used and would be sufficient for hard flooring or light day-to-day use. It’s not noisy either, except on the highest mode, but you’ll likely only be using that for spills and spot cleaning.

It’s very manoeuvrable as well, with a swivel setting that lets you change direction easily. It’s good in handheld mode as well, with the jointed attachment making it easy to clean shelves and surfaces overhead.

Samsung gives the weight as 5.7 lbs (2.58kg). I weighed it myself with the main vacuuming head attached and it was 6lbs (2.72lbs), or 3.8lbs (1.72kg) in handheld mode.

Technically speaking, this is a light vacuum cleaner but I have to say that it doesn’t feel that way. It feels heavier than it is, perhaps because of its top-heavy design.

Nor is it very comfortable to hold. Its grip is far from ergonomic and it cuts into your finger as you use it. 

Price And Availability

In the UK, the Bespoke Jet is available from a number of retailers, including and Currys but prices are all over the place and in the main, the Samsung website is your best bet.

For example, the Bespoke Jet Complete Extra (the model we reviewed) costs £949 on but £799 on the Samsung website. Additionally, at the time of writing, there’s a further 10% off if you buy direct from Samsung.

Meanwhile, the Bespoke Jet Pet model, which is not for sale on the Samsung website, is priced at £729.99 from Currys. However, the Complete, which comes with an additional brush head, is £629 from Samsung.

In the US, all colour options (Midnight Blue, Woody Green and Misty White) have an RRP of $899.99 but the first two colour options are on sale for $699.99. Still, your options are limited as the Misty White colourway seems to be out of stock. 


It's easiest to keep your floor clean if your vacuum cleaner is to hand. But if it's not stashed away in a cupboard, that means you have to look at it. And if your best option is Dyson's brightly coloured plastic concoctions, that's not a very appealing prospect.

Samsung went some way to addressing that with the Jet 90. While I thought that it was one of the best cordless cleaners I've tested, I still had some issues with its enormous and fairly functional looking charging stand.

The Bespoke Jet fixes all that and adds in auto-emptying as well. It's a good-looking appliance that cleverly packs in a lot of features. If the colour option you want matches up with a price you can afford and accessories you'd find useful, we'd highly recommend it. Nonetheless, we hope that there will be more choice in the future.

For more floor care buying options, have a look at our round-up of the best vacuum cleaners we've tested.

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