Babymoov Yoo Travel Baby Monitor Review

Babymoov Yoo Travel Baby Monitor Review
A convenient baby monitor designed for parents on the go. We put it through its paces in our full review.

Should I Buy The Babymoov Yoo Travel?

Our Verdict
  • A baby monitor best suited to busy parents who are always on the go. If you don’t need to have your camera module unplugged from the mains, we’d suggest looking elsewhere, but if the built-in battery sounds ideal for your lifestyle then this is definitely a contender.

Price hen Reviewed

  • £159.99
As the name suggests, the Babymoov Yoo Travel baby monitor differs from some other monitors we’ve reviewed because it’s designed for parents on the go. Rather than having to have the camera module of this monitor plugged in at all times, it comes with a 24 hour battery life that means you can take it with you wherever you need to and won’t need to worry about putting it somewhere with a plug socket. 

We put the Babymoov Yoo Travel through its paces to bring you a full review and find out how it compares to rivals. 

Price And Availability

The Babymoov Yoo Travel is available to buy from Babymoov’s own website for £139.99, as well as John Lewis or Amazon for the same price.

The Babymoov Yoo Travel is not currently available in the US.

At that price, it sits among the more expensive baby monitors available right now. That’s despite its smaller display - others at around this price have a larger 5in display available - and the lack of some features as we outline later. But the big upside is that built-in battery for the camera, which for some parents and families may be exactly what you need and convince you to part with your cash.  

Additional cameras are available to buy to add to your setup should you have two kids or two rooms that you want to monitor, but they don’t come cheap at £84.99. You can connect up to four additional cameras.

Design And Build

The Babymoov is quite a clunky monitor, with a black and green design that’s not the most stylish. That said, it does have some nice touches like a clip on the back of the monitor module for attaching to your belt as you wander around, and a conveniently placed ‘walkie-talkie’ button on the rear that lets you talk to your baby at any time. 

The camera module has a reasonably small base that’ll sit on most window ledges or dressers, and the camera can be rotated to help position it for optimal viewing. 

Unlike the BT Smart monitor and the Eufy SpaceView, you can’t rotate the camera remotely so you’ll need to position it correctly from the get-go, unless you’re willing to disturb your sleeping baby later. 

It’s very easy to set up, just simply charge both modules and turn them on. 


The Babymoov Yoo Travel’s display is 2.4in diagonally and is colour, but it’s very, very muted. There’s an automatic night vision mode, too. In both modes, the picture is plenty clear enough to keep an eye on your baby, just don’t expect to be able to see small details or pick out any colours accurately. 

We didn’t experience any interference or signal issues when testing the camera in our two storey house - it also managed to stretch into our garden. 

On the display you’ll see the signal strength, the temperature in the baby’s room and a battery indicator for both the monitor and the camera module. 

There is a menu that lets you change some basic settings such as the volume, but it’s quite tricky to use. It’s clear that the first language isn’t English, so some of the wording is also a bit odd. 

You’ll miss out on some additional features like the lullabies available in the BT and Eufy offerings previously mentioned, and there’s no zoom functionality. There’s also no WiFi connectivity so it can’t connect to an app on your phone like the BT Smart monitor can. You’re unable to record any of the footage from the camera. 

Like the BT Smart monitor, it does have a volume indicator that can be quite useful if you need to have a quick glance to check if your baby is crying when the monitor module is on mute or you’re in an environment that might make it tricky to hear. It also automatically wakes the display when movement or sound is detected which is quite handy. 


For a select few parents, this is going to be the perfect baby monitor. If you need the flexibility of being able to take your monitor out and about, or move it from room to room, the built-in battery of the camera module is ideal. However, if you think you’ll always have a plug socket nearby for the camera, we’d recommend looking elsewhere for your baby monitor. It misses out on some features that others offer for a similar price.

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