Zwilling Enfinigy Table Blender Review

Zwilling Enfinigy Table Blender Review
Zwilling's Enfinigy table blender is beautiful – but it's far from budget. Is it worth the investment?

Should I Buy The Zwilling Enfinigy table blender?

  • Gorgeous design
  • Five presets
  • Blends hot and cold
  • Pricey
  • Weighs 4 kilos
  • Lid requires firm close
Our Verdict
  • It's not a cheap appliance but if you want a stylish, easy-to-use blender that can handle hot and cold, give great results and isn’t a fuss to clean, this Zwilling blender is worth the outlay.

Price When Reviewed

  • Not currently available in the US
Italian design tempered by German precision, or German engineering suffused with an Italian love of luxury? Whichever way you look at it, this intersection of technological excellence and design simplicity is the result of a collaboration between one of the world’s oldest brands and Milanese design studio Matteo Thun & Partners; it's also why you'll have to pay £199 for this blender.

And that’s a sizeable investment.

In the box there's a 1,200-watt motor unit in frost silver with a 1m dove grey power cord, a ribbed, transparent blender jug with integral handle, a lid with a 60ml measuring cup insert, a 23cm dark grey tamper and a red instruction manual.
Zwilling Enfinigy Table Blender Review

It is also worth noting that you get a five-year warranty upon purchase and registration of the blender, and you can opt to download the free Zwilling app, which has a database of original recipes.    

Zwilling Blender Design

  • Blades built into jug
  • Single dial operation
  • TBAA-Tritan jug
The blender blade and housing is built into the bottom of the blending jug. There’s no unscrewing or unclicking to separate the two for washing or storage, which means fewer parts to get lost or damaged and fewer opportunities to slice your fingers by mistake. This setup also allows for the innovative “wave” base of the blender.

All blending functions are controlled by a 4.5cm diameter dial on the motor unit, so there are no separate buttons to press for pre-set programmes. When you assemble and plug in the blender, function icons around the dial illuminate, and you simply turn it to your chosen option and press – it’s a very neat and clean way of doing things.
Zwilling Enfinigy Table Blender Review

And this appliance is robust: the motor unit alone weighs in at 2.8 kilos and the jug at 1.1 kilos, even the lid weighs 240g. Zwilling has manufactured this blender from quality materials, including TBAA-Tritan for the jug.

The design simplicity, the jug ribbing, the handle feel, the base and jug weight give this appliance the same high-quality, golden age feel that a KitchenAid mixer has, for example.

Using the Zwilling blender

  • Five pre-set programmes
  • 1,200W motor
  • Cold capacity: 1,400ml; hot capacity 1,000ml
Press the dial to turn the blender on, pop your ingredients into the jug, place the lid on, place the jug onto the ports on the motor unit – there’s no need to lock anything into place – and choose your programme by turning the dial before pressing it again to start.

There are five pre-set programmes: clean, ice, cocktails, smoothies, and pulse. There are also a number of incremental speeds that you can manually control yourself; the noise level increases significantly from low to high speeds, but that’s a 1,200-watt motor for you.

The jug measures in both fluid ounces and millilitres and has a cold capacity of 1,400ml and a hot capacity of 1,000ml.

Be aware: there’s a built-in safety feature on the lid. The white pin on the lid needs to fit securely into the socket at the top of the jug handle; otherwise, the icons on the motor unit won't illuminate and you can’t blend a thing – this caught us out a few times as the lid needs a good push downwards due to the substantial seal, which doesn’t leak, even when you turn the jug upside down.  
Zwilling Enfinigy Table Blender Review

The blender also has non-slip feet to prevent skating across countertops while blending or tamping.     

What Can You Use The Zwilling Blender For?

  • Effective self-cleaning programme
  • Crushes ice
  • Cocktails
  • Sauces
  • Smoothies
Zwilling suggests blending shakes, dips, sauces, and smoothies, but the pre-sets give you an ice-crushing and cocktail programme as well.

We used the cleaning programme first to ensure the jug and blade were ready for food preparation. Put 400ml of water into the blender, add a few drops of washing-up liquid, choose the clean function, and press the button.

It takes about 40 seconds, goes through four blend phases, beeps when the programme ends, and generates a creamy soup of suds that just needs to be rinsed out.

It's a remarkably effective way to clean the blender and means you don’t have to fuss around with washing-up brushes or sharp blade cleaning.

Next up, we tried the ice programme: the true test for an appliance of this kind. You can only crush 150g of ice at any one time, which is roughly equivalent to 12 ice cubes, but the result was pretty much frosted snow in 17 seconds.
Zwilling Enfinigy Table Blender Review

Encouraged by this, we then tried 150g of frozen berries to see what would happen, and that was a revelation: finely granulated and spoonable grains of berry that were perfect for sprinkling into yoghurt or atop desserts.
Zwilling Enfinigy Table Blender Review

We initially used the smoothie programme to blend a base sauce for a British Indian restaurant style curry, so water just off the boil with stewed onion, garlic and ginger. This was where the “wave” design of the bottom of the jug and the “piranha” teeth of the blade really came into their own.

During the 30-second programme, the ingredients whirled through the jug in an almost tidal fashion. When we came to pour it out, the sauce was velvety, smooth, and rich with no lumps or fibres. And the blender itself hardly shook at all, despite pulsing at high speeds.

The cocktail programme runs for 40 seconds, and the capacity of the jug will make eight Brandy Alexanders at once, or three to four Hemingway daiquiris, depending on the volume of fresh fruit you add. You can also make two iced coffees, Greek frappe-style, if you want to serve them long; three if you serve a little shorter.

The Zwilling Range

We tested the silver Table Blender, but the model also comes in black, retailing at the same price of £199.

Zwilling also makes an Enfinigy Personal Blender with a conical 550ml blending bottle and a to-go sports attachment, a 600-watt motor and two presets for £99.95.

If you want something larger, the Enfinigy Power Blender has a 1.8 litre jar, six presets, twelve speed settings and a 1600-watt motor, but the price goes up considerably – to £349.   
Zwilling Enfinigy Table Blender Review


The Zwilling Enfinigy Table Blender looks tremendous, works beautifully and is a dream to use. It would be a perfect bar-top appliance: there's something about it that conjures up an image of Ernest Hemingway drinking daiquiris in Havana’s La Floridita.

It's very much a blender for a larger household or a small hospitality business that demands style, but not at the expense of ease of use, function, or durability. It’s not the most expensive blender on the market by a long shot, but measured against models at a similar price point, it leads the pack in terms of balancing modern aesthetics with exceptional engineering.    

Looking for more blender options? Check out our reviews of the Smeg 1.5 litre jug blender and the Homgeek 2000W jug blender.

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