Reinventing Delicious - The Healthy Way

Reinventing Delicious - The Healthy Way
There are dishes that are so delicious that a mere mention of the name is enough to evoke memories of what they taste like. A good number of them belong to the really-taste-good-but-bad-for-you category. Unfortunately I know too many such dishes and since I know how to prepare most of them, I know what makes them bad-for-us. But for many of them, there is a way to make them healthy and good-for-you. I don't see the reason to eat some of my favourite foods less often than I'd like to just because of the ingredients in them. I believe in following recipes to the tee but I also believe in making food that I can eat more often and give to my family without the guilt of embedded calories, fat and cholesterol.

There are very simple guidelines that work for me. When I am following a recipe I ask myself the following :
  • Do I really need the oil/fat that is mentioned here?
  • What is the extra cream/cheese/sour cream/full fat yogurt for?
  • Can extra flavour make up for the fat?
  • What can I use to pump up this dish even more ?
  • How do I reinvent this recipe but keep the taste/texture/aroma/presentation?
  • And last but not the least - What about the drizzle of olive oil before you eat ... the extra ghee on top ... the butter/cream at the end to finish the dish ... the dollop of whipped cream on that buttery/creamy/sweet/calorie laden dessert?

Ok agreed, anything that is associated with baking is very hard to reinvent. There is trial and error associated with substitution or with increasing/decreasing quantities and deviating from a standard well tested recipe. But noting down the changes you make every time and the result will get you closer to perfecting a recipe. And such a recipe is yours to keep for life (and of course, share with others too ;-)!). Every bit of effort spent in reinventing something you love to make it better for your health is worth it.

And here I'd like to mention that there are things on my list that I would never reinvent. I eat them about once or twice an year and would not change anything about them. Be it yummy jelabis, a deliciously divine chocolate cake, triple chocolate mousse or chicken makhani made with my special recipe just to name a few .... they are amazing the way they are. But I need to revisit the dal makhani recipe to make it everyday friendly. I want to make my muffins, smaller in size and much healthier. I want to make that pasta alfredo healthy enough to eat more often. And so I endeavour to try again and again till I get it right .... and I'll share the recipe ... for those who need it ... who want it ... or who just want to see the difference. A visit to the healthy section of my blog may answer some of your questions .... it will take time but I hope to get there!

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