TWICE - Taste of Love Music Album Reviews

Continuing to mature into a more grown-up image, the nine-member K-pop girl group balances self-contentment and romantic confidence with breezy summer thrill-seeking.

Nine-member K-pop girl group TWICE have been around for more than a half decade, navigated stark stylistic changes, and maintained a dependable discography every step of the way. During the first three years of their career, they released ebullient singles that worked in tandem with their cutesy, chipper demeanor: energetic group chants, light and airy production, genre-hopping that matched the many moods of young love. The 2019 hit “Fancy” signaled their move toward a more mature image, and the follow-up singles—including the Dua Lipa-indebted scorcher “I Can’t Stop Me”—confirmed they could thrive in this new era (2019’s Feel Special and 2020’s Eyes Wide Open are their most electrifying releases). TWICE continue their hot streak on Taste of Love, offering further proof they stand head and shoulders above most of their contemporaries.

This excellence isn’t immediately obvious from lead single “Alcohol-Free,” an unhurried bossa nova song produced by JYP, aka label head Jin-young Park. On the surface, the love-drunk lyrics feel unnecessarily tethered to a sobriety metaphor—a peculiar move for a group shedding its youthful side. But in the context of their work until now, “Alcohol-Free” is a significant step: TWICE now unabashedly sing about love without the anxieties that underlined previous singles. On early-career highlights “TT” and “Likey,” beats that landed between freestyle and Atlanta bass suggested that TWICE were forcing themselves to push past sadness and hesitation. Here, any bounce or buoyancy points to paradise; the cheery atmosphere is wholly, remarkably content.

Taste of Love overflows with these moments of clear, magnetic confidence. “First Time,” one of the strongest tracks, is both spacious and patient. These two qualities are crucial, as they allow vocals to remain the focal point, and Nayeon and Jihyo’s declarations of a fulfilling romance sell their deep satisfaction. Jade Thirlwall has a co-writing credit, and it serves as an illuminating point of comparison: Little Mix have captured K-pop’s spirit better than any other Western girl group, but on this mini-album, TWICE sound most self-assured when eschewing maximalist bombast for subtler evocations. “Conversation” most elegantly showcases their less-is-more approach: The verses are backed by little more than frothy synth bubbles, but when the chorus arrives, a commanding bassline reveals the sensuality and insistence in every line. TWICE don’t need to belabor broadcasting their emotions; the production does enough to fill in the canvas.

TWICE’s devotion to breeziness on Taste of Love cements it as one of K-pop’s best summer albums. It also makes their search for love more fun than ever. “Scandal” has whispered vocals, sparse piano-house thumping, and a seductive bassline—they’ve never sounded so poised. On “Baby Blue Love,” laid-back disco grooves anchor their desire for dancing with somebody. The song is less about infatuation, though, than savoring the highs of summer partying—its sweeping strings provide a modest but luxe climax. “SOS” takes their in-the-moment living even further: TWICE ask for a lover to save them, but they sing with such understated cool that it’s evident they’re uninterested in anything long-term—right now, it’s about playful memory-making. The shimmering synth blips mirror their lighthearted calls, closing the album out on a sweet, pleasurable, altogether carefree note. TWICE make it all look so easy. And with Taste of Love, they convince you that seeking out summer thrills is the most important and irresistible task at hand.
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