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Brazilian Iced Coffee

Brazilian Iced Coffee


  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 1 freshly lemon squeezed lemon
  • 1/4 tsp instant coffee powder
  • 1/2 cup liquid soda or limca
  • 1/2 tsp black salt (kaala namak)
  • 1/2 cup chilled water
  • 1 scoop vanilla ice-cream (optional)


It's one of the famous Brazilian drink generally made with beer. Since it's a kids devoted blog can't use beer ;), so added small quantity of coffee.

The amount of coffee added in drink is very less to give a nice texture and colour. Don't over add the coffee or drink will become bitter in taste.

I added Limca, you can replace it with drinking soda or Eno. Yes, Eno may sound weird but it can be added as substitute for soda.

Before serving do taste test and adjust sugar according to your taste.

Adding ice-cream is optional. In case you are adding ice-cream first add ice-cubes and then top it with a scoop of ice-cream.

Don't add ice-cream directly in the drink otherwise due to lemon juice, ice cream will curdle.


  1. In serving glass, mix together sugar, lemon juice, coffee powder. Mix all the ingredients well with the spoon or muddler till sugar dissolves completely.
  2. Fill half glass with soda and half with water.
  3. Serve chilled

✅ Pictorial:

Brazilian Iced Coffee
1. Mix together coffee powder, lemon juice, black salt and sugar. Mix well till sugar dissolves completely.

Brazilian Iced Coffee
2. Fill half glass with soda/Limca/Eno

Brazilian Iced Coffee
3. Remaining with chilled water.

Brazilian Iced Coffee
4. Top with ice cubes and then ice-cream, sprinkle coffee powder and serve chilled.

Brazilian Iced Coffee
5. Top view.

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