Secretlab Titan Napa Review

Secretlab Titan Napa Review
Following the success of the Secretlab Titan and Omega, the company has released the pinnacle of luxurious gaming chairs: the Secretlab Titan Napa, crafted from soft calf leather for a stunning finish. Here's our review.

Should I Buy The Secretlab Titan Napa?

Our Verdict
  • The Secretlab Titan Napa is one of the most luxurious gaming chairs we’ve ever seen, sporting high-end, soft-to-the-touch Napa leather, integrated adjustable lumbar support and an extremely comfortable backrest. However, with a pricetag almost double of some of the most popular gaming chairs, you’d expect it to feature high-end materials.
  • So, while it’s one of the most comfortable chairs we’ve seen, it’s also the most expensive – and that’s something that you should take into consideration before buying.

Price When Reviewed

  • $799
Following the success of the Secretlab Titan and Omega, the company has released the pinnacle of luxurious gaming chairs: the Secretlab Titan Napa, crafted from soft calf leather for a stunning finish. But, at double the price of the standard Secretlab Titan and almost three times the price of some of our favourite gaming chairs of 2020, is the midnight-blue leather enough to tempt you?

We’ve spent some (see: a lot) of time using the Secretlab Titan Napa, and here’s our review.

Pricing And Availability

So, how much is the Secretlab Titan Napa, and where can I pick it up from? Here’s the painful part; the Secretlab Titan Napa is the most expensive gaming chair in the company’s line-up, and costs £350 more than the already-premium Secretlab Titan (£349) at £699 in the UK, or $799 for those in the US.

While that is pretty expensive in a market where you can pick up a decent gaming chair for £250, the Titan Napa offers a level of luxury simply not present on many other gaming chairs in the market right now. The Napa leather is breathtakingly soft to the touch, and the cold-cured foam provides unmatched support – but we’ll come to that in a little more detail below.

If it is simply too much, why not check out the standard Secretlab Titan? As mentioned, it’s £350 cheaper and shares many features with the Napa, apart from (of course) the Napa leather.

With such a high price point, the Secretlab Titan Napa has to offer something pretty remarkable over the standard Titan, right? It does: Napa Leather.

Described by Secretlab as the ‘pinnacle of luxury upholstery’, the leather is used in high-end cars and boutique bags because of how incredibly soft and smooth it is. We were already impressed with the PU leather on the standard Titan, but the Titan Napa takes comfort to a new level. It’s soft and cool to the touch, and features a microfiber lining along the sides of the chair for a nice contrast.
Secretlab Titan Napa Review
That’s thanks, in part, to the use of high-density cold-cured foam that provides comfort and support over long periods of time. The foam slowly shapes to the contours of your body as you sit, providing support where it’s needed most, and the high-density means it can support loads up to 130kg.

The crowning jewel of Napa leather is durability – the leather is famed for being incredibly durable, and should last for years with good upkeep (don’t worry, Secretlab includes instructions on how to properly tend to the leather). 

Beyond the sheer comfort the Napa leather brings to the Titan, the midnight blue colouring of the leather separates the chair from the rest of the Secretlab line-up, and it looks stunning. Coupled with blue embroidery on the front and rear of the chair, it really does scream high quality – and it should, at just under £700.

As fans of Secretlab will already know, the overall design of the Secretlab range is inspired by racing car seats. It makes sense – drivers spend a lot of time at the wheel and gamers spend a lot of the time at the PC, and both are in similar sitting positions. Why not utilise the design?

Of course, Secretlab has gone further than just recreating a car seat. It features a large, ergonomically shaped backrest with flaps that reach around to support your sides without being uncomfortable. When combined with the soft leather, it feels like you’re being hugged from behind. The Titan Napa also features our favourite feature of the standard Titan – integrated, adjustable lumbar support.

It’s the pinnacle of lumbar support luxury; rather than including a support pillow like most other gaming chairs, which are often too thick or too thin, the Titan Napa features a dial on the side that allows you granular control over the lumbar support. You can feel the support system adjust as you crank the wheel to find the fit that’s perfect for your body.

It also sports larger and more ergonomically shaped armrests than older Secretlab chairs that feature a slight concave down its length to make resting elbows on it a little more comfortable. It’s also covered with the same cold-cured foam present on the backrest, and is wrapped in PU leather that is incredibly soft to the touch. They’re not just nice to rest on though; they sport 4D adjustments - up-down, left-right, forwards-backwards and angle left-angle right - allowing you to find the perfect position for your long gaming sessions.
Secretlab Titan Napa Review
The backrest doesn’t only offer ergonomic support though; the combination of a tall, wide backrest and the ability to recline to an almost bed-like position makes the chair perfect for relaxing when watching films or videos on YouTube (or if you wanted to take a mid-session nap, there’s no shame!).

Specifically, the Titan Napa offers between 85- and 165-degrees of tilt, and when combined with a lockable multi-tilt mechanism and a wide 70cm wheelbase, you’re secure no matter what position you feel most comfortable in. You’ll also get 9cm of height adjustment, from 50-59cm, and a two-year warranty that excludes wear and tear.

In terms of height and weight restrictions, the long 86cm backrest can accommodate those up to 195cm (6ft 4in to those in the UK) and up to 130kg, although this can vary slightly depending on body proportion – refer to the diagram on the Secretlab website for specifics.

And, like with other Secretlab products, the Titan Napa comes with one of the most comfortable velour pillows we’ve ever felt – seriously, it’s the height of pillow luxury. Made from soft stretch cotton and covered with velvet velour, it feels like your head is resting on a cloud whenever you lean back to relax in your stunning, Napa leather-covered Secretlab chair.
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