Tutorial 6: Silver Stamped Nails

Tutorial 6: Silver Stamped Nails
Silver Stamped Nails


  1. Silver Colour Base Nail polish 
  2. Purple Special Stamping Polish (I have used Konad Stamping Polish Royal Purple)
  3. Stamping Plate XY14 
  4. Stamper and Scraper
  5. Top Coat -------------> Sealing the Design
  6. Nail polish remover/Acetone
  7. Cotton buds
Good Day Sweeties,

Hope you are all doing great.

Today I have decided to go with this tutorial since the result is a simple yet an Elegant Nail Design. I find this design great for Festive Seasons. 

The Silver base makes a Design a great combination with Traditional Dresses and Jewellery. 

Now To begin with the Tutorial..


Step 1:
As the base used for this design is Silver so you need to apply Silver Nail Polish as the Base for this Design (Picture 1). Allow it to dry completely.
Tutorial 6: Silver Stamped Nails
Picture 1

Usually Silver Nail polishes are a bit translucent so you may need to apply 2 to 3 coats for perfect Silver shade. In case you do not have a silver Nail Polish you can also use a Pearl white Polish shade which gives a very similar effect to Silver. (S01 Pearl White by Nail Trends, Reliance Trends)

Step 2: Stamping the Design
For this Stamped Design you need Stamping Plate XY14 (Available at Ebay India & Flipkart) which has the floral design embossed in it (Refer Picture 2 & 3).
Tutorial 6: Silver Stamped Nails
Picture 2
Tutorial 6: Silver Stamped Nails
Picture 3

Get all the things required for Stamping ready. You will need the Stamping Polish, Scraper, Stamper, Cotton buds and Nail polish remover/Acetone.

To begin Stamping technique...

Apply the Stamping Polish on the Design in the Plate. 

By dragging the Scraper over the design on the plate remove the extra unwanted Stamping polish. 

Immediately pick the Design on the rubber Stamper as shown in Picture 4
(Note: This step has to be done very Quickly since if the Stamping polish dries the design cannot be picked by the Stamper and transferred further on)
Tutorial 6: Silver Stamped Nails
Picture 4
Transfer the design from the Stamper on to the Nails. Make sure this is done quickly since dried polish cannot be transferred. 

Result would look something like Picture 5.

Tutorial 6: Silver Stamped Nails
Picture 5

Repeat this technique with all the Nails. 

Make sure you clean the Stamping plate, Scraper and the stamper with Acetone after each Nail you have stamped.


With the last Step you are done with the Nail design...

Step 3: Sealing the design
Use a Transparent top coat to seal the design on the nails. This has to be done very carefully with Good quality Top Coat, as a low quality one can smudge off your stamping polish making the design look bad. 

Another important thing is to make sure the Top coat is applied lightly with three gentle Top coat Polish bottle brush strokes. 

Repeated and rough application of the top coat can also spoil your design.

And here you go; your Nails Looking ready for the Festive season....
Tutorial 6: Silver Stamped Nails
Fabulous to show off... Isn't it !!!!
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