Tutorial 01: Green Floral Nails


1. Nail polish (Colour of your choice preferably dark colour) --------> for Base
2. Acrylic colours (Pink, sky blue and white)----------------> for flowers and border
3. Dotting tool* (for medium and small dots) --------------------> for flowers and border
5. Top Coat -------------> Sealing the Design
6. Nail polish remover/Acetone
7. Cotton buds


Step 1:

Apply Nail Polish for base as shown in the Picture 1
In order to give a slanting effect apply a *Nail art striping tape as shown in Picture 2. Now apply the Nail Polish in the upper half of the nails (Refer Picture 3). Remove the Tape before the Nail Polish dries.


What you get will look something like this....

Allow the nail polish to dry completely in order to avoid spoiling of the design that you intend to make.

Step 2:

Now making flowers...

Dip the dotting tool in Pink Acrylic color and make dots in the following pattern..... (Refer Picture 5)
Now dip the smaller dotting tool in a white colour and make a small dot in the center of the pattern completing the flower.

Now make the similar flowers using different colour on the entire nail till it looks like the above picture.

For fingers with nail polish applied for a slanting look make these flowers along the border using colours alternately till it looks like in Picture 8


For one of the two nails apply random dots to fill in the empty Green area of the nails. Result would look like Picture 9.

Step 3:

For the little finger create tiny dots using alternate colours creating a dotted border close to the tip.
(Refer Picture 10 & 11)


Clean all the unwanted polish around the nails using cotton buds. Seal the design using a transparent Top coat. Allow it to Dry completely.

That's all for the Nail art...

Final Look of the nails.......................
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