DJI Mavic Air 2 Rumours: Release Date, Features, Price

DJI is hotly tipped to be readying a Mavic Air 2 for launch. Here's what the rumours say the new drone's release date, price and new features.

It's been two years since the Mavic Air was released, and now rumours of its successor are really hotting up. There are new leaked photos and a 'confirmed' release date. Plus, we also know it will be called the Mavic Air 2 because it was added to the FCC ID database on 9 April:

(The C5 entry above it is the new remote contoller - see below.)

The original Mavic Air is a great drone - it's still top of our chart of the best drones - but you can't buy it any longer. DJI is clearly gearing up to announce a new model, and the fact that it's completely out of stock in all three colours on DJI's website is another big clue.

When Is The Mavic Air 2 Release Date?
  • Release date (unconfirmed): 27 April 2020
Rumours were pegging a launch for mid- to late April 2020 and now, via, it seems the date is set for Monday 27 April. A source 'deep inside DJI' reportedly told DroneXL this is when the official launch would be happening.

With the coronavirus pandemic, it's almost certain that DJI will have to stream the launch event online rather than holding it in New York as it usually does. When we get confirmation from DJI of how to watch, we'll post the details here.

In terms of pricing, expect it to cost roughly the same as the Mavic Air did: £769 / $799. And as always, there's sure to be a Fly More combo kit with extra batteries and accessories.

As it'll weigh more than the 249g limit (there's no way it can be as light as the Mavic Mini), the new Mavic will have to be registered in the UK and US. 

What Are The Mavic Air 2 Features?
Back in the middle of March we saw the first leaked Mavic Air 2 photos - via - which show an unreleased drone that looks like the original Air, yet with some noticeable differences.

It looks like the newcomer will be a little larger and heavier than the 2018 Mavic Air with a design that seems closer to the Mavic 2 than the Air. The photos show rear sensors for detecting obstacles behind as well as in front and to the sides. The rear sensors were not present on the original Mavic Air.

More recently, @OsitaLV posted photos showing that the Mavic Air 2 won't have any top-facing sensors, so it looks like it won't have 360° obstacle avoidance.

The way the drone folds is unchanged, and the leaked photos don't show enough detail to give anything much away about the gimbal and camera. However, it will undoubtedly be a three-axis gimbal.

Again, this is likely to stay much the same, with perhaps an updated sensor of around the same size and not increase to the 1in sensor in DJI's more expensive drones.

We would like to see 4K60 supported for video, though.

New controller
One thing the leaked photos reveal is a redesigned controller. It looks like a larger version of the old one with a phone mount above, rather than below, the control sticks.

A switch in the middle changes the mode between tripod, normal and sport, all of which are available on the old Mavic Air.

Safer flights
DJI has already said that new drones weighing over 250g will feature AirSense so drone pilots can detect and avoid collisions with aeroplanes, helicopters and other traditional flying craft. This uses existing ADS-B, a technology already used for air traffic control.

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