Halloween Ends Movie Review

Halloween Ends Movie Review
The movie is called "Halloween Ends," but does anything ever truly end in Hollywood? Forty-four years after Laurie Strode first encountered the unstoppable murderer Michael Meyers, we are still living in her world. The cynics in the audience might find it hard to believe this is truly the end.

"Halloween Ends" is the third installment in the rebooted series directed by David Gordon Green. His first entry in the "Halloween" series came in 2018, and its sequel, "Halloween Kills," was released in theaters and on Peacock last year amidst the period of deep theatrical uncertainty (Universal is inexplicably releasing the latest film in theaters and on Peacock again, despite "Halloween Kills" making almost $100 million). "Halloween Ends" is likely to be another financially successful outing for Laurie and Michael, but the movie makes you hope the 'end' part of the title is true.

The movie picks up in the wake of the previous film, and Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) is living with her granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak). Laurie is deciding to not let fear control her life anymore and is embracing Halloween traditions again, but Allyson is weary of her grandmother's ability to move on from her traumatic past. Laurie has herself convinced that there is more to the world than Michael Meyers and tries to live somewhat normally. More importantly, she wants to make sure her granddaughter gets the opportunity to live normally.

Laurie meets Corey (Rohan Campbell) and stages a meeting between him and Allyson. Just because Laurie's life has been consumed by fear and devastation, it doesn't mean Allyson's has to. Corey comes with his own troubled past, but Allyson finds a connection with him through that. Can the Strode family ever truly ride off happily into the sunset?

Green's first two films weren't anywhere near perfect, and no "Halloween" film can match the 1978 original, but they were fun and brutal with plenty of style. "Halloween Ends" is an interesting mixed bag because it tries to shake up the formula - which is inherently worth applauding - while being rather unsuccessful in doing so. The way the story unfolds feels antithetical to the "Halloween" franchise.

Curtis has been promoting the film as her last outing as Laurie (we'll see after the box office receipts start rolling in) and she continues to be great in her legendary role. She has shepherded this character through several movies and reboots, but has never lost the authenticity of Laurie, even when the movies around her could never match the success of the original.

"Halloween Ends" features some expectedly gruesome kills but none of them feel as unnerving as they have in the past. Perhaps the fatigue of the series is finally rearing its ugly head at the (alleged) finish line?

Halloween Ends Movie Review By Matthew Passantino

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