Kodak Step Slim Instant Printer Review

Kodak Step Slim Instant Printer Review
The thin and light build of this photo printer makes it ideal for using on the go.

  • Slim and durable build
  • Affordable running costs
  • Simple to use
  • Not as affordable as the Kodak Step
  • Zink paper not as impressive as rival prints
  • App has a few bugs
Our Verdict
  • The Kodak Step Slim has a great portable build, and is extremely easy to use. It is not quite as affordable as the original Kodak Step, but it still remains competitive in the overall market.

Kodak’s Step Slim instant printer is a thinner and lighter version of the Kodak Step. However, it still has all the bells and whistles of the main model. 

Like many other portable photo printers, the Step Slim uses Zink paper. Whilst it doesn’t have any new-fangled features to make it stand out from the crowd, it certainly won’t break the bank – and it is incredibly simple to use. 

Design and Build

The core difference between this printer and the Step is its thin build. The Step Slim is ‎2.29cm thick, whilst the regular Step is 2.54cm thick. It also weighs ‎240g, 64g less than the regular model. This makes it much easier to slip into a pocket or a very small bag. 

You get a durable and sturdy build with a white plastic finish and curved edges – the printer only comes in the one colour option. The bottom edge has two yellow and black striped stickers which can be peeled off if you would prefer a simpler look.  

There are two LEDs on the printer, one for the power and one for when you are charging it, as well as a button for turning it on and off. The prints are loaded by sliding the front panel up – a relatively simple action when you get the hang of it. Images print out of the bottom of the device.  

App And Features

To print photos, you will need to download the accompanying Kodak Step app, which is available for free on both iOS and Android. There is the option to set up a login with Kodak, but you can still use all the features without having to do this.  

Once you have downloaded the app, you just need to pair the printer with your phone – something I had no issues with. The printer has integration with photos from your phone’s image library, from Google Photos and from your social media profiles such as Facebook and Instagram.   

There are multiple ways you can customise images before you click print. You can choose to have a portrait or landscape orientation, and you can crop images to suit the size of the Zink print.  

You can add various Instagram-style filters, and change the saturation, brightness and colour temperature using the various colour sliders. If you prefer something a bit funkier, you can add frames, stickers, text and drawings.  
Kodak Step Slim Instant Printer Review

There is also the option to add multiple images to a collage. However, the size of the prints are quite small, so the result may not be very impressive.  

The app itself is also not the most intuitive. For example, the more detailed colour temperature options are only available to use in the ‘print preview’ section, rather than the ‘edit photo’ section. I also found it to stutter at times, especially when printing an image.  

That aside, the sections are all laid out cleanly, and the text is bright and large – making it ideal for accessibility.  

Print Quality

Photos on the Kodak Step Slim take under a minute to print. The device uses Zink paper for its images, meaning that there is no need for an ink cartridge – the image is directly printed onto the sticky-back paper. 

The benefit of these prints is that they are relatively cheap. However, the details are not as crisp as what you will find on real film from the likes of Instax and Polaroid, and they don’t have that ‘vintage feel’ that rivals do.  

If that isn’t too much of a concern, then you will still get relatively bright colours and a fair amount of detail from Zink prints. However, at 2x3in, they aren’t the largest photos on the block. These are best for sticking in a wallet, or for using in a scrap book. 
Kodak Step Slim Instant Printer Review

Battery Life

The Kodak Step Slim can print up to 25 images on one single charge. I didn’t have enough film in order to max out the printer’s battery life, but I did print a full pack of Zink paper and still had plenty of juice to spare. 

Like its sister product, the Kodak Step Slim only charges via the accompanying Micro-USB cable – quite outdated tech at this point. It would be nice to see future printers from Kodak equipped with the more widely used USB-C ports.  

Price and Availability

The Kodak Step Slim costs $79.99/£79.99. In the US, it is available from Amazon and Kodak, whilst UK readers can get their hands on it from Amazon and Kodak as well. Amazon offers some bundles with the printer.

The Step Slim costs an extra $10/£10 over the regular Kodak Step, but it has the same battery life, uses the same app and there is no difference in the print quality.  

If you want to get a portable printer for the lowest possible cost, then it makes sense to opt for the Step over the Step Slim. If, however, you plan on using this printer on the go often and want to slip it into a pocket with no hassle, then this is the model for you.  
Kodak Step Slim Instant Printer Review

Of course, portable printers also rack up ongoing costs as well. Fortunately, Zink is one of the most affordable prints at 50c/50c per sheet. To compare, Instax Mini prints cost around 98c/75p per sheet.  

You can also check out our guides to the best portable printers and instant cameras.  


The Kodak Step Slim is a portable printer that lives up its name, with a thin build that is great for using on the go. It’s easy to operate and won’t break the bank. Plus, the accompanying Zink prints are relatively cheap as well.  

The images aren’t quite as impressive as real film options from the likes of Instax and Polaroid, and the companion app has a few minor issues. It’s also slightly more expensive than the regular Kodak Step. 

However, if portability is the number one factor for you when choosing an instant printer, then this is a reliable and affordable option.  


  • ‎2.29 x 8.26 x 12.45cm
  • 240g
  • Lithium metal battery
  • Micro-USB charging
  • Printing speed: Under 60 seconds
  • Print size: 2x3in
  • Uses Zink paper
  • USB cable included
  • Bluetooth
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