Swan Retro Air Fryer SD10510 Review

Swan Retro Air Fryer SD10510 Review
Swan's 6L air fryer doesn't have bells and whistles but offers retro styling and ease of use.

  • Retro styling in many colours
  • Easy to use
  • Consistent results
  • Loud fans
  • Basket wobbly in drawer
Our Verdict
  • If you want smart features and digital control then look elsewhere, but the Swan Air Fryer will suit those who want a retro design to match other appliances and simple time and temperature controls.

Air fryers are one of the must-have kitchen gadgets right now and if you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-use model with retro styling then this Swan SD10510 might be just the ticket. 

The machine promises hassle-free cooking with up to 80% less fat and may provide a real boon when your oven is full of other things or at a different temperature.  

Design & Build

If you’ve not seen an air fryer in the flesh before, they are pretty chunky machines, similar to many bread makers. And the Swan SD10510 is no exception, measuring 400 x 294 x 346mm (WxDxH) and weighing 8kg. 

Handles on either side help you move the fryer around and although they’re right at the bottom, they’re better than nothing.  
Swan Retro Air Fryer SD10510 Review

Like many of its products, Swan offers the SD10510 in a wide range of retro colours including blue, cream, purple and orange; although you can see my review sample is the black option. 

Regardless of which colour you choose, everything that isn’t the main outer body has a chrome-effect finish: the Swan logo, the drawer handle, the temperature slider and the timer dial. The bottom section of the basket comes out for easy cleaning.

In keeping with the retro style, there’s no LCD screen here, buttons or other modern features, so it’s easy to get acquainted with how the Swan SD10510 operates. 

Features & Performance

As this air fryer has simple controls, you don’t get fancy smart features like the Proscenic T21. No pre-sets, programmes, apps or otherwise. Whether this is good or bad simply comes down to the type of air fryer you’re looking for. 

All you really need to do with the Swan air fryer is plug it in, select the temperature with the horizontal slider – it goes from 0-200 degrees – and then set how long you want to cook with the old-fashioned dial on the top. 
Swan Retro Air Fryer SD10510 Review

This is, of course, not as accurate as a digital timer, so you have to bear that in mind. You can turn the dial past the desired time and then rotate it anti-clockwise so you needn’t get it right first time as if it was some kind of skill test on a gameshow. 

When the timer hits zero you get a satisfying ding akin to an old typewriter getting to the end of a line. The fryer also automatically turns off just like a microwave does, so you don’t overcook what’s inside. 

Even if you’re not sure how long something will take (cooking times are often quicker than a conventional oven), it’s easy to set the fryer going and then simply pull the drawer out to check on your food. The oven pauses for safety and then resumes once the drawer is properly back in place. 
Swan Retro Air Fryer SD10510 Review

A decent 6L capacity means you can cook a good amount of food at the same time. I’ve found the SD10510 useful for a range of foods from French fries to croutons. It’s especially useful if your main oven is in use, cooking something at a different temperature. 

The Swan air fryer isn’t flawless, though: the basket is easily removed with a catch and goes back into the drawer easily too, but it pivots meaning the lip of the basket can stick out of the top, making the drawer tricky to insert back into the main body without catching. 

It’s also worth noting that the fans are pretty loud, likely a similar noise to your extractor fan on maximum. 

Price & Availability

The Swan SD10510 is available for £89.99 and you can buy it from the official store as well as the likes of Amazon, Robert Dyas, The Range, Comet, AO and Currys – where it’s typically a bit cheaper. You may have to shop around to find the colour you want. 

This price puts it somewhere in the mid-range of the air fryer market. It’s perhaps a tad pricey considering its basic functionality but you’re largely paying for the retro styling here, which others don’t offer. 
Swan Retro Air Fryer SD10510 Review


The Swan Air Fryer SD10510 is a solid choice if it ticks the right boxes for your requirements. It’s not too expensive and provides easy-to-use controls with reliable results. 

If you want precise control, smart features and more, then you’ll need to look elsewhere. The main selling point here is the retro design, available in a wide variety of colours.  

The main downsides here are the wobbly basket-to-drawer connection and loud fans.

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