Wix Review

Wix Review
Wix has lots of users and it’s easy to see why: it offers a great site builder that delivers content quickly. Here's our review.

Should I Buy Wix?

Our Verdict
  • Creating websites can be a stressful business but Wix has found a way of bypassing the fear and trepidation with its cool editing tools.

Price When Reviewed

  • From $5 per month (free version available)
Wix is another one of those companies that has done a good job at building up its profile with lots of advertising. Adding to the appeal is that most people who subsequently use the service find it generally very acceptable.

One of the best things about it is that Wix can be used in a raft of different ways, which means that it’s a good choice if you’re starting out on the business website-building adventure trail and have high hopes that you can expand things as and when needed.

In its most basic incarnation Wax is a no-nonsense meat ‘n’ potatoes affair and that means you generally won’t run into any problems.

Pricing & Plans

Unlike a lot of web hosting providers, Wix offers a completely free tier, which although sporting a heavy dose of their company branding does make a great little entry point for anyone want a quick ‘n’ easy website. Thankfully, if you tire of the branding and want something altogether more business-orientated then it’s also easy to upgrade your package so that you get to keep all of the enjoyable Wix usability while dispatching the branding messages.

We’ve found lots of people who’ve never ventured into the realm of web design really get the value of Wix, because it’s deceptively powerful but also a breeze to use. If you take your time there’s also the capacity for producing a really decent-looking website too, with a set of creative tools that, once mastered, deliver some neat touches to your pages.
Wix Review
If you go for Wix in its most basic guise (i.e. free) you will also have a Wix-flavoured domain name, and that’s clearly not going to be for everyone, especially if it’s a business concern. Obviously you don’t get much, and it isn’t going to be suitable for a business site. For that you’ll need at least the ‘Connect Domain’ package which costs £3 / $3.80 per month and allows you (as the name suggests) to have your own domain name. Even this plan isn’t great: your pages will show Wix ads, and there’s just 1GB of bandwidth – not enough for lots of visitors.

The Combo plan for £6 / $7.60 per month doubles bandwidth to 2GB – still paltry compared to the unlimited bandwidth you get from most rivals at this price - and just 3GB of storage, though that should be enough for most people.
To get to the unmetered bandwidth stage you have to sign up for the Unlimited plan which is £8.50 / $10.80 per month. None of these plans include email, but you can bolt on Google’s Gmail (G Suite) for an additional fee.

If you need a site which accepts online payments for goods or services, you’ll need one of the business plans which starts at £13 / $16.50 per month. 

For alternatives, check out our roundup of the best web hosting services.

Ease of use

When you head along to Wix.com, the welcome is very warm and everything is as easy to grasp as it gets. You might even notice there’s no reference to web hosting at all: that’s because Wix understands that novices don’t want to hear the technical stuff, and it’s sufficient to know that the company can put a website online for you.

And that’s what Wix is all about: creating websites. Simply press the button to sign up and you’re well on the way to doing so. After pressing the ‘Start Now’ button you’ll be guided into signing up for the service and that’s wonderfully straightforward, with the opportunity to also do this via Facebook or Google if you already have a login with one of those companies.
Wix Review
There’s also the option of letting Wix ask you a few questions as you progress and it subsequently tailors the creative process accordingly, or you can press on regardless and do your own thing. The brilliance of the first option is how easy it is. Pick who you’re building the website for, and then work through the questions – these even offer answers via a drip down menu, so if you’ve ‘never done this before’ then you’ll revel in the lack of head scratching that’s involved.

The more adventurous meanwhile, get to choose from nicely designed templates that can be tailored to suit your own needs. This in itself is basic stuff, so while the end result should look very presentable; getting it knocked into shape is an enjoyable process that can be done while you’re having a coffee. No surprises here.
Wix Review
Once you’re deeper into the process then you’ll find that there is much that can be done with the online editing tools and it’s also pretty hard to tie yourself up in knots. Wix has clearly spent time refining usability over the years, thanks in the main to its many and varied customer base, and that means many of the original headaches with earlier incarnations have since disappeared.

As is the case with any online website builder, there are one or two quirks – they’re all like this really – but overall the putting content together bit of the process is reassuringly straightforward. If anything you might actually find that your creative options are perhaps too many and varied. If you tend to procrastinate when it comes to getting things done then you might view this as an obstacle.
Wix Review
However, if you’re open to suggestions then Wix has lots of them with seemingly endless templates that extend into the hundreds.


Wix is a very fuss-free route to take, but there is still plenty that can be done with this online creation tool. It isn’t really a web hosting provider: it’s definitely not intended for people who already have a website they want to get online, or those who want to host a WordPress-based site.
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