RHA T20 Wireless Review

RHA T20 Wireless Review
Offering superb audio quality, a hybrid wired and wireless design and a variety of eartips to choose from, the RHA T20 Wireless in-ear headphones offer enough to tempt consumers away from big brands. Find out why in our full review.

Should I Buy The RHA T20 Wireless?

Our Verdict
  • There's not really much to complain about when it comes to RHA's T20 Wireless in-ear headphones. They offer a blend of wireless and wired support alongside incredible-sounding audio, which is further enhanced by the inclusion of custom tuning filters that emphasise bass and treble.
  • The 12-hour battery life isn't the longest we've ever seen from a pair of neckbuds, and the lack of Bluetooth 5.0 and AAC support is a little disappointing, but these are still a phenomenal pair of in-ear headphones. 

Price When Reviewed

  • $249.95
RHA is well-known for producing high-quality headphones at a range of price points, and that trend continues with the RHA T20 Wireless in-ear headphones. Building on the success of the T20i headphones, the T20 Wireless offers a blend of wired and wireless connectivity, enhanced audio playback and a premium design that makes them stand out from the crowd.

We’re impressed with the quality of the RHA T20 Wireless – find out why in our full review.

Pricing And Availability

The RHA T20 Wireless in-ear headphones cost £199.95/$249.95, and can be bought from RHA itself along with third-party retailers like Amazon and Selfridges in the UK, while those in the US have RHA and Amazon to choose from.

While the price secures the T20 Wireless as a premium pair of in-ear headphones, we think that the impressive design and incredible audio on offer set the headphones apart from the crowd. Carry on reading to find out why, and if you need more headphone inspiration, take a look at our selection of the best headphones.

Enhanced Wireless Design

The RHA T20 Wireless sports similarities to the company’s T20i headphones, but with a range of enhancements that make them stand out from the crowd in 2019.

First up, the T20 Wireless is, as the name suggests, wireless. The headphones sport the increasingly popular neckbud design, comprised of a SecureFlex grippy neckband with Bluetooth 4.1 connected (via steel-reinforced cable) to the high-end earbuds. Despite housing all the Bluetooth smarts, a vibration motor for calls and the battery that provides a solid 12 hours of life, the neckband is surprisingly light at only 48g.

If you were looking for something more akin to Apple’s AirPods, we recommend taking a look at the RHA TrueConnect Wireless earbuds.

One of the highlights of the T20 Wireless’s predecessor was the over-ear hooks, which helped take some of the weight off the headphones and kept them securely in place during even the most rigorous of exercises. They’re back and improved with the T20 Wireless, offering an enhanced fit thanks to a more rigid hook system that moulds to the curvature of your ear.
RHA T20 Wireless Review
The earbuds themselves are stunningly detailed and offer a rather unique system, allowing you to tweak the output of the headphones without the need for a digital EQ.

This is done via swappable tuning filters, which screw onto the end of the earbuds and dramatically change the sound of your favourite songs. You’ve got a bass filter for your favourite Dubstep anthems, a treble filter for heightened detail in your favourite acoustic filters and a reference filter to provide sound as originally intended – but more on those below.

The tiny tuning filters can be screwed onto a stainless-steel plate when not in use and kept in the neoprene carry pouch alongside the 10 (yes, 10) sets of eartips that come with the T20 Wireless headphones.

These range in size and shape, and feature dual-density noise isolating tips, double-flange silicone tips for a more secure fit and, our personal favourites, the Advanced Comply Foam tips that mould to the shape of your inner-ear and provide a near-perfect seal, further enhancing the already high-end audio experience.

Incredible Audio Performance

The design of the T20 Wireless in-ears is unique, but like with many of RHAs products, the audio is where the headphones really shine. While most in-ears use standard dynamic drivers, RHA offers a DualCoil driver system with the T20 Wireless which when combined with an additional voice coil and custom diaphragm provide equal balance to bass, mid and treble frequencies – you won’t find overpowering bass or muddy vocals here.

The audio experience on offer here is nothing short of phenomenal, offering crystal clear audio playback with no hint of tininess or harsh treble even at max volume. That audio experience further enhanced by the custom tuning filters that, as we mentioned earlier, can improve the bass or treble tones depending on the music you’re listening to.
RHA T20 Wireless Review
Using the bass filters is a transformative experience, with the T20 Wireless earphones delivering animated, booming, deep bass that doesn’t sacrifice the detail of the mids or treble frequencies. The treble filter really enhances vocals and acoustics in particular, providing bright, crisp and defined playback, although we imagine the bass filter will be the most popular option for modern consumers. Of course, the reference filter provides playback as the artist intended, providing a listening experience unencumbered by enhanced bass or other filter-themed magic.  

It’s worth noting that the headphones offer aptX support for Android users, but there’s no AAC on offer for iOS fans, so there may be a slight difference in performance across the two operating systems.

Wired Upon Request

While the T20 Wireless earphones are primarily marketed as being wireless, you can actually connect the earbuds to a standard 3.5mm audio cable which, in addition to removing the need to wirelessly connect the earbuds, actually improves the quality of the audio. The standard frequency range when connected via Bluetooth is 20-20,000Hz, and while this is more than enough for most consumers, it jumps up to high-res territory (16-40,000Hz) when the audio cable is in use.

Arguably, most consumers might not notice the difference in quality between the wired and wireless connections as the majority of streaming services don’t offer high-res audio playback. But, with that being said, if you fancy yourself a bit of an audiophile but like the idea of using wireless earphones on your commute, the T20 Wireless offers the best of both worlds.
RHA T20 Wireless Review


The RHA T20 Wireless in-ear headphones are a perfect evolution of the hugely popular T20is, offering both wired and wireless capabilities to cater to standard consumers and audiophiles alike. The signature ear-hook design is back and improved with sturdier ear hooks that mould to the shape of your ear, and the variety of eartips available means you’ll find the perfect fit.

Of course, the audio is the star of the show as with many RHA products, with the T20 Wireless offering an incredible audio experience enhanced by swappable tuning filters that can adjust bass and treble output for your favourite Dubstep anthems and acoustic covers. The audio is crystal clear, bright with booming bass that doesn’t overpower the mids or treble frequencies, and the wired high-res audio support (16-40,000Hz) is a nice touch too.  

Our only complaints are to do with the Bluetooth version and AAC support; Bluetooth 5.0 is fairly standard nowadays, and it’s something we’d expect from a mid-to-high-end pair of headphones released in 2019. It’s a similar story with AAC support, as most headphones at this pricepoint offer both AAC and aptX support to cater for both iOS and Android users equally.


  • Drivers: DualCoil dynamic
  • Frequency Range: 16 – 40,000Hz (wired), 20 - 20,000Hz (wireless)
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Rated/max power: 2/5mW
  • Sensitivity: 90dB
  • Weight: 37g (wired), 48g (wireless)
  • Bluetooth: Version 4.1, 10m range, aptX-compatible
  • Remote & mic: 3-button, Universal
  • Battery: Li-ion, 12 hours
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 3 years, international
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