Made in Italy Movie Review

"Made in Italy" is a movie with the best intentions but middling results. It's a story of father and son navigating their rocky relationship, hoping to find common ground through their estrangement and coming together for a shared purpose. From the moment writer-director James D'Arcy's movie starts, you know exactly where "Made in Italy" will end.

Liam Neeson trades his gun for a paintbrush as Robert, who hasn't seen his son Jack (Micheál Richardson, Neeson's real-life son with the late Natasha Richardson) in several months. Jack is a gallerist in London who is in the process of getting divorced. The gallery belongs to his soon-to-be ex-wife and her family and he is determined to keep it but doesn't have the money to buy it. To obtain the funds he must swallow his pride and resentment and convince his father to sell their family home in Italy, which has been vacant since the loss of his mother over a decade earlier.
When Jack and Robert agree to return to the house, it looks condemnable. There are vines growing through the doors and windows, animals are living in the bathroom, and there is dust and dirt on just about every inch of the house. It needs a lot of work, and the two of them must set aside all differences to get the work done.

The concept of "Made in Italy" is standard, but the location and scenery are expectedly gorgeous. A little escapist imagery could do everyone some good right now. The movie, however, never really comes to life, despite having an inherent sense of catharsis for Neeson and Richardson. Who's to say if their relationship is anything like what is portrayed onscreen, but having to deal with the loss of a wife and mother and work through that together certainly fueled their decision to make this movie.

This is D'Arcy's directorial debut, after starring in a number of big films, but it's unclear where his passion for the mostly flat story lies. Perhaps, a chance to pair Neeson and Richardson in this father-son tale? "Made in Italy" has a good heart, but it's too by-the-numbers to emotionally register with an audience.

"Made in Italy" is available in select theaters and on VOD.
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