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The Best Baby Monitors For 2020

We help you choose the best baby monitor to suit you, including video, audio, smart and travel monitors.

With so many decisions to make when you’re about to become a parent, it’s useful to have a helping hand with some of them. That’s why we’ve taken the time to review the most popular baby monitors on the market, to help you choose which is right for your needs. 

There are many different types of baby monitors that’ll suit different types of parents. Perhaps you need a versatile monitor that can be used on the go, or want one that connects to an app on your phone rather than having to rely on the display on the monitor itself. You may want to skip the display part completely and just go for an audio monitor. We’ve got something for everyone here in our round-up of the best baby monitors. 

1. VAVA Baby Monitor
  • $159.99
We’re really impressed by the VAVA baby monitor. This offering is high quality, well priced and includes almost every feature you'll be looking for.

The lack of WiFi will immediately put some parents off as it means you can't connect the monitor to an app on your phone, but if you’re not bothered that you'll need to carry around the display module and you won't be able to record video clips, you shouldn’t find this to be a problem. In fact, it’s more convenient if you plan to use it when travelling and want to avoid complicated set-up processes.

It’s a direct competitor to the Eufy SpaceView, with the same screen size and similar features. The only real differences are the design and the lack of the lullaby option, which we haven’t been missing with the VAVA.

We prefer the VAVA’s sound indicator lights, but aren’t as keen on the way the time is displayed on the screen. The VAVA misses out on the included wall mount and wide angle lens too. 

It’s extremely tough to decide which of the two is best, but if we make the price the deciding factor then the VAVA is our winner.

If you really want a baby monitor that can connect to your phone, you'll want to check out the BT Smart Baby Monitor.

2. Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor
  • $159.99
The Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor has a lot going for it. It’s easy-to-use, great quality and will last right into your child’s older years.

It doesn't have WiFi capabilities which means no connecting to your phone, and there is no nightlight or lullaby, but we think the 720p 5in screen and panning capabilities more than make up for it.

It is among the more expensive monitors on the market at £159.99/$159.99 here, but it does offer quality, flexibility and future-proofing that many parents will love.

UPDATE: When reviewed, this baby monitor was priced at £159.99/$159.99 as stated, but at time of update it has increased to £179.99, making it difficult to recommend over the much cheaper and equally great VAVA Baby Monitor. However, in the US it is priced at $149.99, so is actually slightly cheaper than the VAVA and may therefore be worth considering.

3. BT Smart Baby Monitor with 5in screen
  • £149.99
BT’s Smart Baby Monitor with 5in screen has everything you need from a baby monitor and more. You’ll get a large, colour display to keep an eye on your little one from anywhere in the house, and can remotely adjust the angle and zoom of the camera at any time.

On the whole, it's a brilliant baby monitor, but it does have some downsides. The camera must always be connected to a power source, for example, and there's no option to add a second camera (yet).

It also offers app connectivity thanks to WiFi that lets you use your phone as a second display, as well as some smart features, but the latter is underwhelming and the app suffers from lag.

Unless you really want the bells and whistles, you may be better off with the slightly cheaper BT Video Baby Monitor 6000, which offers many of this model’s best qualities.

Otherwise, It'll set you back £149.99 for the BT Smart Baby Monitor with 5in screen here.

4. Philips Avent DECT baby monitor
  • $95
Audio-only baby monitors aren’t going to be right for every parent, but if you’re not concerned about the lack of visuals this is one of the best audio baby monitors you can buy. The sound quality is fantastic, the range is more than most will need and it offers some sweet extra features including a nightlight and lullabies.

DECT technology helps make sure the audio feed is entirely private and secure, and won’t suffer from interference from nearby phones or monitors. 

There are cheaper audio-only monitors available, but if you want the best quality you’ll find it with the Philips Avent SCD710. You can buy it from Amazon for £99.99/$95 here.

5. Babymoov Yoo Travel

  • £139.99
For a select few parents, this is going to be the perfect baby monitor. If you need the flexibility of being able to take your monitor out and about, or move it from room to room, the built-in battery of the camera module is ideal.

However, if you think you’ll always have a plug socket nearby for the camera, we’d recommend looking elsewhere for your baby monitor. It misses out on some features that others offer for a similar price.

You can buy the Babymoov Yoo Travel for £139.99 from Amazon. It's not currently available in the US.

How To Choose A Baby Monitor
There are a few things that you should consider when it comes to buying your baby monitor. We’ve yet to find a monitor that can do absolutely everything in one neat and reasonably priced package, so it’s a case of weighing up the pros and cons to find one that works best for you. 

You should consider whether or not the camera module needs to be plugged in. If you intend to travel often, even if that’s just to a friend’s house, it might be handy to be able to set up the camera without having to plug it in, relying instead on a built-in battery. This means you’ll have the flexibility of placing the baby in any room anywhere without needing to find a plug socket within reach. 

Alternatively, do you need a camera module at all? Are you content with just audio? Often audio baby monitors have very high quality sound and can be more secure and private. They can also be much cheaper, and sometimes have battery-powered capabilities to prevent the need to have them plugged in. 

If you do want a camera, would you like it to be able to connect to WiFi to enable you to use an app as a second display? Would you like to be able to record footage from the baby monitor? And do you want the ability to move the angle of the camera remotely without needing to disturb the baby? 

Do you think you may need to buy additional camera modules in the future for monitoring two babies at once in separate rooms? 

These are all questions you should ask yourself and note down before you choose your baby monitor, as it’ll certainly help narrow down which is best for your needs. Most features will add a bit of extra cost to the monitor so it’s important to prioritise if you’re on a budget.

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