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All Combat, No Prattle

It's always interesting to see where major franchise actors go in between films or once they say goodbye to the movies that put them on the A-list. Chris Hemsworth still has another "Thor" movie on the docket but with the "Avengers" series allegedly over - is there ever finality when a billion dollars is on the table? - Hemsworth has a bit more free time. It's interesting he chose something so generic as the rinse-and-repeat action thriller "Extraction," which doesn't offer any clue as to how a post- "Avengers" life will treat him.

Hemsworth hasn't really had a real breakout moment outside of playing Thor, but there have been clues that he is suited for comedy. He stole scenes in "Vacation" and "Ghostbusters," but he keeps going back to brooding actioners like "Extraction," which doesn't offer him a lot to do outside of punch-punch-kill. For some, that might be enough, but "Extraction" plays by the rulebook a little too closely to elevate it as a memorable action picture.

Hemsworth stars as Tyler Rake, a mercenary who is recruited for an extraction mission. His mission is to rescue Ovi (Rudhraksh Jaiswal), the kidnapped son of a crime lord. This takes him around the globe dodging bad guys with their own agendas. The movie pairs Tyler with Ovi early in the film, which allows for a bit of tension and makes Ovi part of the action and not the ultimate end goal.

"Extraction" plods on-and-on and a lot of the action is thrilling, including a car chase that appears as one continuous shot, but there's an inescapable routineness to almost every scene. We know trouble is often lurking around the corner for Rake, and outside the bursts of action and violence it's hard to stay engaged with the movie. Most damning, however, is the script - written by "Avengers" director Joe Russo, who serves as producer alongside his brother Anthony Russo - deciding to show the film's ending up front. Even in a predictable action film, it's condescending to hand the film to the audience so quickly.

Director Sam Hargrave makes his feature directorial debut with "Extraction," and having worked as a stunt coordinator on various Marvel films, he knows how to craft a strong action scene. The problem is finding a synergy between the action and the story that comes in between, which is where "Extraction" continually comes up short.

As an obvious and disposable piece of entertainment, "Extraction" will satisfy those watching movies at home. It's just not one to plan your next Netflix Party around.

"Extraction" will be available on Netflix April 24.

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