Coffee & Kareem Movie Review

Streaming channels have taken on a new importance since the entire world has shut down due to the Coronavirus epidemic. Certainly, there are much more pressing matters at hands during this devastating pandemic, but entertainment - especially during a quarantine - remains important. Movie theaters are an escape for a lot of people but with most theaters closed nationwide, we must look elsewhere. Netflix turns out new content in abundance weekly, but movie watchers are paying a little closer attention these days. Their latest, "Coffee & Kareem," is a slight but silly way to pass 90 minutes.

Ed Helms stars as police officer James Coffee, who has been dating Vanessa (Taraji P. Henson). Vanessa's son, Kareem (Terrence Little Gardenhigh) isn't a fan of cops, or the thought of one dating his mother. Kareem is always trying to show how tough and fearless he is, so he concocts a plan to scare Coffee, by attempting to hire criminals. Amidst the transaction, a police officer is killed by the criminals and Kareem and Coffee end up being witnesses. They must now go on the run before the drug kingpin catches them first.

Everything about "Coffee & Kareem" feels tired, thematically speaking, from its run-from-the-bad-guys storyline to the boyfriend trying to win his girlfriend's approval. There's a sense director Michael Dowse and writer Shane Mack are trying to give the movie a little more heft than required by commenting on race relations as it pertains to police officers. Often, the movie falters in doing so, offering a punchline over insight. It's a tricky line to walk, both tonally and with an audience, and "Coffee & Kareem" never settles into a comfortable groove doing so.

Helms plays a variation of characters he always plays. Coffee is a well-intentioned bozo, who can't ever seem to do much right. Henson is given a few good scenes to display her magnetism but is wholly overqualified for such an underwritten role. The true draw - and perhaps the only reason to watch the movie - is Gardenhigh, who is making his feature film debut. He brings such verve and energy to every line he delivers and has impeccable comedic timing. If there is any justice in the world, Gardenhigh will be headlining his own movies in a few years.

"Coffee & Kareem" is breezy in its pacing but is rarely inspired in its comedy, outside of Gardenhigh's performance. Naming Helms' police officer Coffee is an example of how high the movie aims. Even so, the movie is palatable in a been-there, done-that kind of way and an easy watch on a Friday night. But, allow me to stress one last time: Remember Gardenhigh's name.
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