ICYTWAT - Have Mercy on Us Music Album Reviews

ICYTWAT - Have Mercy on Us Music Album Reviews
The Chicago-conceived rapper-maker's new mixtape is woozy however close, parading its open fixation on a wide range of rap.

On paper, a style established in Playboi Carti-enlivened vocals and Memphis hip-jump skip seems like the most played-out poop of all time. Yet, the singles and mixtapes that Chicago's ICYTWAT has delivered starting around 2021, when he was formally reawakened as a rapper in the wake of making his name as the maker of the now dead mid-2010s rap faction Divine Chamber, have dismantled these impacts as opposed to emulating them. It isn't the initial time he's pulled off that accomplishment: The instrumentals he concocted for Divine (as well as one of the fundamental pre-mixtape Playboi Carti tunes) had the splendor of Jerk period Tyler, the Maker harmonies and the goofiness of Metro Zu psychedelia, at this point he was knowledgeable enough in those sources to analyze rather than duplicate them. With a hazier sound close by and his rapping at the very front, ICYTWAT has brought that sharp ear, scrupulousness, and rap being a fan to his new mixtape Show Kindness toward Us.

A big part of the fun of Show Kindness toward Us is seeing the way that ICYTWAT has reshaped and unwound rap of the far off and late past. There are hints of Task Pat's Mista Don't Play: Everythangs Workin and Gangsta Boo's The two Universes *69, as well as Boss Keef's Resurrected 2, Bankroll New's Existence of a Hot Kid, thus considerably more. The inclination is comparative, if less mind boggling, to watching Kill Bill or paying attention to A$AP Rough's leading edge LIVELOVEA$AP, two assemblages of work that audaciously fasten together many well known and dark references. That truly makes them unique: They are love letters to the craftsmanship that formed them.

Rough is a tutor of sorts to ICYTWAT, who is a member of AWGE, the Harlemite's deliberately unclear name, or innovative office, or gathering of stylish companions who shop together. ICYTWAT somewhat credits the agonizing Memphis beat of his refashioned sound to A$AP putting him onto '90s underground top choices, similar to Thin Pimp and Lil Yo (presently known as Yo Gotti). However, that is by all accounts not the only spine of Show Kindness toward Us. On "In My Glo," maker Yahnest's Flockaveli-time Lex Luger ringers and mean bassline crash into ICYTWAT's yelling promotion libs, which make him sound like the dissolving witch in the Wizard of Oz. The popping cloudiness of "Disgrace Pt. 2" looks like a reverence to one of Thief Klan's trunk-shaking mid '90s Three 6 Mafia accolades, and his sluggish rhythm emits shades of SpaceGhostPurrp, regardless of whether there are some battle bars blended in. Dig through "Shortlist" and you'll uncover Lil Wayne in the lighter flick, Delicious J in the promotion libs, and Madlib in Yahnest's woozy beat. Thrillingly, and like Carti, he can run through babble about cash and penis massages while as yet conveying feeling: Here, he sounds worried the damnation. He's precisely near ideal on the mic, however "Jinn Music" gets at what he gets along nicely; it's cool and off-the-arch, yet at the same time close.

Underwhelmingly, the mixtape isn't self-created. Beats from Yahnest, Siddhivalik, Polarbwoy, and others are reliably rich and layered, yet similar as Pi'erre Bourne, ICYTWAT expresses more in his beats than he at any point could in his bars. Fortunately, ICYTWAT doesn't fall into a similar snare as Pi'erre's Cardo-created fizzle, on the grounds that the Chicago craftsman picks makers who appear to share his melodic establishment. His vision is unblemished, regardless of whether it might have been more compelling assuming he was behind the sheets. What separates Show Kindness toward Us from other uproarious, barreling Playboi Carti-roused activities of this fly-poop just form, similar to Ken Car$on's X or Obliterate Forlorn's No Beautician, is that those deliveries believe it's tedious to be referential. They so frantically wish to exist past examination — at times even past the limits of rap — that they seem to be incurious. Show Kindness toward Us won't hesitate to be straightforwardly captivated by rap, making it all the really reviving.
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