2023 Audi A8 Review

2023 Audi A8 Review
  • Ride quality
  • High-zoot cabin
  • Turbo punch
  • Utter refinement
  • Too much tech?
  • Dare-free design
  • Expensive, even for a luxo-barge
  • While the S8 may seem pricey at first, it’s not that much more than a loaded-up A8.

The 2023 Audi A8 boasts top tech and performance, all wrapped up in a low-thrill design.

What kind of vehicle is the 2023 Audi A8? What does it compare to?
The 2023 Audi A8 is a full-size luxury sedan that compares well with the BMW 7-Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class. 

Is the 2023 Audi A8 a good car?
Subtle but absolutely loaded with tech, the A8 is a stealthy flagship with beautiful road manners, plenty of underhood thrust, and a slight lack of personality compared to the more flamboyant Benz and the brash Bimmer. It’s a 6.6 out of 10 on the TCC scale.

What's new for the 2023 Audi A8?
The A8 and S8 essentially carry over into 2023 unchanged after a mild update last year..

These big sedans wear conservative, stately lines outside. They’re long enough so as not to be easily confused with the smaller A4 and A8 models with which they share numerous styling cues. 

Inside, a trio of screens save these cars from feeling like old-school luxobarges. They’re downright high-tech, and exceptionally comfortable to boot. 

A8s come with a turbocharged 3.0-liter V-8 rated at 335 hp. The S8 ups the ante with a twin-turbo V-8 rated at a hefty 563 hp. Accompanied by a proper snarl underhood, S8 models hit 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds. All come with standard all-wheel drive and a supple, but not soft, suspension.
2023 Audi A8 Review

The V-6 is aided by a mild-hybrid system, which boosts combined fuel economy to an acceptable 22 mpg. S8s guzzle at a 17-mpg combined rate.

The huge interior comes beautifully outfitted in base form, though careful selection of options can make these cars feel downright decadent. Audi also offers its driver-assist system that allows for limited stints of hands-off driving, but it doesn’t match Cadillac’s Super Cruise. 

How much does the 2023 Audi A8 cost?
The A8 comes in just shy of $90,000 to start, with the better-equipped (and far more powerful) S8 a hefty $122,000. Keep going with options and an S8 can top $150,000. 

Where is the 2023 Audi A8 made?
In Germany.


The 2023 Audi A8 won’t thrill on account of its sedate styling.

Is the Audi A8 a good-looking car?
It’s handsome and stately, if not exactly an exciting machine. We score it a 7 out of 10 thanks to an exterior that should age well and a high-tech interior that is decidedly with the times.

The A8 follows a classic three-box shape, with a shield-like Audi grille up front and clean taillights at the rear. (We could say the same thing about the smaller A4 and A6, too.)

S8 models have the expected upsized wheels and slightly sportier trim, but that’s about it. 
2023 Audi A8 Review

Inside, look for two screens in the center of the dash and another framed by the chunky steering wheel. Smatterings of wood trim give the A8 a classy, upscale look—if that’s what you’re after. If not, Audi has aluminum and carbon fiber for a zippier vibe.


The 2023 Audi A8 and S8 are a joy to put through their paces.

With supple ride quality and hearty turbocharged punch, these senior Audi sedans earn a 7 out of 10 for performance.

Is the Audi A8 4WD?
Yes, all-wheel drive comes standard. 

How fast is the Audi A8?
Base sedans deliver decent thrust from their turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6, which uses a mild-hybrid system to combat turbo lag. With 335 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque on tap, these models deliver a 5.6-second zip to 60 mph.
2023 Audi A8 Review

It’s a big leap to the S8, which uses a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8 to crank out 563 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque. Accompanied by a refined snarl, the S8 vaults to 60 mph in a mere 3.8 seconds. 

All models use a well-behaved 8-speed automatic transmission. 

Composed mostly of aluminum—with some carbon fiber, steel, and magnesium—the A8 has an ultra-stiff structure. That in turn allows Audi to dial in a supple, air-sprung ride without losing handling ability. Adaptive dampers take the edge off, too, though the $6,000 Predictive Active Suspension uses electromechanical actuators to control each wheel individually for even more isolation.

While the A8 lacks the sharpness of BMW’s 7-Series in Comfort mode, it is almost racy in Dynamic mode when the suspension is tightened up. Rear-wheel steering helps the big A8 feel more nimble at speed, too. 

Comfort & Quality

The 2023 Audi A8 blends high-tech features with classic styling inside.

The A8’s interior has a luxurious feel with no shortage of touchscreens. It’s plenty spacious front and rear, with great materials that help earn it an 8 for comfort and quality. If only its mere 12.5 cubic-foot trunk was bigger.

Even base A8s have 22 ways of power adjustment for the front seats, with heating, cooling, and massaging, too. Rear-seat riders have a limo-like 44 inches of legroom. The optional Rear Seat Comfort Package includes individual seats with nearly as many features as the fronts. 

Soft leather comes standard, of course, and Audi offers a range of trim finishes to dress things up.


The 2023 Audi A8 can be fitted with plenty of driver-assistance features.

How safe is the Audi A8?
Audi packs a lot of crash-avoidance tech into the A8, though this model’s low sales numbers mean it has yet to be tested by either the IIHS or the NHTSA.

Standard fare includes automatic emergency braking, parking sensors, lane-departure warnings, automatic high-beam LED lights, and a surround-view camera system. Active lane control, traffic-sign recognition, and adaptive cruise control are all optional, as is a system that can provide autonomous control of the throttle, brake pedal, and steering in high-traffic situations. 

Models with Audi’s trick Predictive Active suspension system can sense an impending side impact and raise that side of the car by 3.1 inches so that its lower structure absorbs the impact.


Audi packs a lot of tech and luxury into its biggest sedan.

The 2023 Audi A8 costs the better part of $89,000 to start, though it’s well-equipped for the money. Standard 22-way leather seats with massaging, heating, and cooling up front, an air suspension, Bang & Olufsen audio, a panoramic sunroof, and a trio of displays give it a proper luxury feel.

All those standard features, big screens, and numerous optional features help the A8 land an 8 out of 10 on the TCC scale.

Audi’s 4-year/50,000-mile warranty is typical for a luxury car, and the first service visit is included with purchase. 

Which Audi A8 should I buy?
2023 Audi A8 Review

A base A8 is perfect for mere mortals. We like its 10.1-inch touchscreen for infotainment (with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto) well enough, and the lower 8.6-inch touchscreen that handles climate controls and handwriting inputs is easy enough to operate once you get used to its need for deliberate inputs. 

That said, it takes spending $3,650 for the Executive Package that includes adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitors, and a heated steering wheel to bring the A8 up to what we imagine most buyers will really want. 

Rear-wheel steering, more leather, and heated/cooled rear seats come in the $5,400 Luxury Package, too. 

How much is a fully loaded Audi A8?
The S8 comes with just about everything (including that lusty V-8) for $121,595—aside from adaptive cruise control, which is part of a $4,050 package. Add individual rear seats, a head-up display,the Predictive Active Suspension, night vision, and a 23-speaker audio system, and Audi will present you with a bill for about $151,000.

Fuel Economy

The 2023 Audi A8 can be somewhat green in base form.

Is the Audi A8 good on gas?
It’s not terrible for a sedan that tips the scales at 4,800 pounds in base form. The EPA estimates the base A8 at 19 mpg city, 28 highway, 22 combined, which earns it a 2 thanks to its mild-hybrid tech’s ability to save some fuel.

The S8 is rated at 15/23/18 mpg. All models use premium fuel. 
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