House of Darkness Movie Review

Filmmaker Neil LaBute has a reputation of being a misanthrope and misogynist. His latest, "House of Darkness" will do little to change opinions of him. He also has a rep for true-to-life cynical and self-absorbed characters. No change on that front, either. He is very attracted to the ugly side of people.

Hap Jackson (Justin Long) has just met Mina Murray (Kate Bosworth) in a bar and has volunteered to drive her home, hoping to end up naked with her. She lives alone in an enormous, old-looking manor in the middle of nowhere. Mina seductively invites him in and he's understandably pleased about it.

The seduction continues inside but Hap bounces back and forth between lust and a bit of confusion and discomfort. Mina keeps him off balance, and we can tell pretty quickly that she is incredibly self-assured and that the seduction will happen at her dictated pace. Hap, despite moments of discomfort, is enjoying himself immensely.

Eventually Mina is on her knees and Hap is pleased until he is jolted by the presence of a smiling, beautiful young woman watching them. He jumps up in embarrassment, covers up, and starts apologizing to the woman, who turns out to be Mina's sister, Lucy (Gia Crovantin).

When Mina leaves the room to make drinks for everyone, Lucy asks Hap if he's had a tour of the house and then offers to show him around. The two of them climb to the top and she leads him out to a large outside area. She is also acting very seductively toward Hap. He's uncomfortable but not resisting before being startled when Mina appears with the drinks.

Both sisters are totally cool with the situation, leading Hap to believe he's about to experience a fantasy threesome with the beautiful sisters. Watching this unfold, we're not totally sure where it's headed, but we're less optimistic than Hap is. Something just seems off. We're not wrong.

"House of Darkness" is a very fine film that disappoints with its jarring ending. Until the last scene it's moody and mysterious with fine acting and an interesting story. It's a fun combo of sexy, darkly comical, and pretty scary. The ending isn't worthy of everything that has come before it, but it's still a very fun ride before it crashes.

House of Darkness Movie Review By David Kempler

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