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Best Nokia Phones For 2020

Nokia is back, thanks to fellow Finnish company HMD, and it's not just for the nostalgia of the 3310. Here are the best Nokia phones you can buy right now

If you’re older than 25, chances are your first phone was a Nokia. The classic 3310 was in the pockets of as many school children as businessmen at a time the Finnish brand completely dominated the global phone market.

Fast-forward to 2020 and things are very different. Nokia exists, but as a brand name for fellow Finnish company HMD Global. For all intents and purposes though, we have a host of Nokia phones to recommend to you – both feature phones and smartphones. 

Ranging from the cutesy restyling of old classics, right up to high-end specs of slick smartphones to rival Samsung and Google, Nokia has a decent range. Its version of Android is close to stock and uncluttered, and it's been pretty good at ensuring a vast number of its devices stay current by receiving a jump to the next version of Android and beyond.

Some phones listed here reach a little further back in time, but Nokia is consistently releasing handsets across the budget and mid-range markets. Here are the best Nokia phones you can buy today.

1. Nokia 8 Sirocco
  • $598
The Nokia 8 Sirocco is the best Nokia you can buy, but makes a lot of sense considering it's the most expensive option.

On the plus side, we like the Galaxy S9 like design and getting 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. There's also the benefit of Android One for clean software with guaranteed updates.

However, the phone still has the Snapdragon 835 found in the older Nokia 8, no headphone jack and no microSD card slot. You might also be hoping for an on-trend 18:9 screen.

2. Nokia 8
  • £499
With a Snapdragon 835, attractive hardware and decent display, the Nokia 8 is a cheaper but high end alternative to more expensive Android smartphones. 

While its RRP is £499, at the time of writing it is available for £349 in the UK with Carphone Warehouse. Expandable storage, dual cameras and now Android Oreo means this is an excellent way to get a high end phone for less than the £700+ of most other flagships.

3. Nokia 7.2
  • TBC
The Nokia 7.2 is a budget phone focused on design, offering a rather unique build when compared to the smooth, rounded smartphones on the market. With much more prominent angles, the Nokia 7.2 stands out, and the light refracting glass on the rear does a good job at providing the premium look the brand is going after. 

The internals are fairly standard for the price, boasting a Snapdragon 660 alongside either 4- or 6GB of RAM, and the performance reflects this. Nokia wanted the Zeiss-manufactured lenses to be the star of the show but we've found the camera setup to be hit-and-miss, with great performance from the 48Mp sensor but disappointing performance from the wide-angle camera.  

Still, a great design, impressive display and two years of guaranteed OS upgrades should be enough to tempt some consumers - especially at this affordable price.

4. Nokia 5.3
  • $199.00

The Nokia 5.3 does offer a lot for a phone of its price point. The main camera lens produces clear and sharp images with very vivid colours, and the 4,000mAh battery doesn't disappoint with around a day and half's worth of usage. 

But at this price, compromises have to be made. The downsides of 5.3 include the poor quality speakers, the lower resolution screen and the secondary camera lenses which downgrade the quality of images significantly. 

If you use your phone for watching lots of videos, the Nokia 5.3 probably isn't for you. If however you're looking for a cheaper phone that does the basics well, then you should still consider this handset. 

5. Nokia 3310
  • $59.99
At the end of the day, the Nokia 3310 is a play for nostalgia, and how much you care will depend on how much affection you have for the old Nokia bricks. It’s not going to replace your smartphone - and it doesn’t want to - but it could be a cheap supplement (although the SIM size is annoying). And yeah, you could already buy another feature phone for cheaper, but between the epic battery life and the sheer Nokia factor (and Snake!) we know where our loyalties lie.
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