Ron Morelli - Heart Stopper Music Album Reviews

Ron Morelli - Heart Stopper Music Album Reviews
The L.I.E.S. name head shows up on his own engraving, cleaning up the lo-fi spider webs and diving into extreme, percussive dancefloor cuts.

A long time back, DJ and maker Ron Morelli started delivering records by companions and neighbors like Delroy Edwards and Traxx, rapidly laying out an extremely New York take on Detroit techno and Chicago house. Their buildup was both greasier and grittier than neighbors like disco gentrifiers DFA; he called his name Long Island Electrical Frameworks, similar to a Kraftwerk on the Atlantic. From that point forward, various renaissances in New York dance music have brought L.I.E.S.' brand of crude cadence making all through design, however its vision has stayed unflinching, even as Morelli himself dumped Brooklyn for Paris 10 years prior. L.I.E.S. hasn't delivered Morelli's very own lot music throughout the long term, yet number 200 is all his own, and it's a treat. Heart Plug shakes off the standard L.I.E.S hazy grayscale and turns on some glimmering neon. It's a fun monster.

"House Music Retribution" reports Morelli's shift: A sort of ballyhoo switches interminably in reverse; an example of what sounds like somebody talking about "charm hoo" stacks on top of itself, the manner in which an irresistible interjection travels through a group; and a decent bundle of kicks and clatters summons a well disposed evening of moving. "Rule Is to Get by" is likewise propulsively switched, with dry catches and cymbals stressing against a tide of thick mid-range murmurs and groans and murmurs. The drums win on "Subtle strategies (Name)," a tom exercise that capitulates to the joy of a very much designed kick drum and a handclap with a touch of reverberation. Now and again the most straightforward beats are the most honed, and this one cuts profound. "Firearm Smoke" is additionally intense, albeit less spaghetti-western aria and more laser-pillar buildup; its strong examples of catch drum and sequencer continue revising themselves, sporadically shivering into fractal takes on four-on-the-floor. Yet, the ranting "Metro Shootout" wins the day, showering percussion around with wild accuracy, as though Morelli was playing Duck Chase with the drum machines.

Vocals are gladly received. With its cowbell knick-knacks and call-and-reaction wounds, "Another Old Beat Track" butches up a Bobby O-style beat by pitching it way down, similar to the Pet Shop Young men's "Affection Comes Rapidly" however not fast by any stretch of the imagination, and inebriated yet perhaps not precisely in, similar to, love. The vocalist of "Tangle Trap of Adoration" feels something. Perhaps everything. "Every one of our feelings are up to speed," he groans, his voice in agony and joy. The metallic percussion nearly swings, yet the steely bassline keeps things confined up, even as the consoles swan around in reverberations of the destructive serious, ludicrous marvelousness of the Fluid Sky clubs. House phantoms anchor the profound and unpleasant "Time Stops," however they likewise torment it: Slips of song jab through the haze like fingers pulling upon a drape, show their face as piano-house riffs, then vanish as unexpectedly as they came. A voice drones distortedly about the real world and break and somebody strikes initial a prefab tabla sound, then a shivery perhaps marimba, motioning at a greatness that won't ever come.

Or on the other hand perhaps that is the old style. Morelli closes with "Regular Passings," a mid-beat sparkler nearer to the better side of self-contradicting than most anything he's recently delivered. Drops of goth guitar take steps to storm, yet subside into a comfortable sound delicately mellowing the drum machines. "Ron's Torment" is correspondingly agreeable in its miserable sack skin, spruced up in lengthy shrouds of despairing synths. Yet, the title track is a definitive treat, a solid mixed drink of separated congas and tolls on the rocks. There's a touch of "Large Tomfoolery," a touch of "Testone"; there's a feeling of the radio blends radiating west from Chicago's WBMX radio broadcast during the 1980s meeting the rave privateer communicates radiating west from the UK and sinking into the oil used to make Morelli's records in New York City. However, this is no sentimentality trip. It's the long-term L.I.E.S. vibe: not thinking back, yet investigating its shoulders, tirelessly continuing on.
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