Inokim Ox Super Review

Inokim Ox Super Review
The Inokim Ox Super is a high-end electric scooter that doesn't skimp on design or performance.

Should I Buy The Inokim Ox Super?

  • Unique design and build
  • Impressive customisable suspension
  • Top-end performance
  • Large dimensions
  • Heavy at 28kg
  • Takes 11 hours to fully charge
Our Verdict
  • The Inokim Ox Super is a phenomenal electric scooter with truly high-end specs, and a high-end price to match. It's 1000W motor and 60V 21Ah battery aren't for everyone, but if you want the best of the best, it's worth the money - it's just a bit heavy at 28kg. 

Price When Reviewed

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Electric scooters have exploded in popularity over the past few years – and that’s great for the environment, offering a greener way to travel than traditional transport. It also means that every manufacturer wants to get in on the fun, with many using the same generic design and components with a custom logo slapped on for good measure.

Inokim is one of few electric scooter companies that avoid that practice, instead spending time on the R&D of unique electric scooters that are fit for purpose – and they look great too.

The Inokim Ox Super is a great example of that, with unique design elements and powerful internals that provide both incredibly high speeds and long range. It’s comfortably premium, but it ticks boxes that I didn’t even know existed until now.

Design And Build

  • Big and weighty, makes it hard to carry
  • Innovative, unique design with great attention to detail
  • Unique mono-forked wheel suspension
Electric scooters aren’t the lightest or slimmest forms of transport, and that’s especially true of the Inokim Ox Super, easily one of the biggest electric scooters I’ve reviewed to date. It’s immediately noticeable when you first see the scooter – particularly the width – measuring in at 1220 x 590 x 1300mm, and it’s still fairly large in its folded form at 1220 x 590 x 540mm.
Inokim Ox Super Review

The obvious downside to such a large scooter is that it’s more difficult to store when not in use, and combined with a weight of 28kg, it’s difficult to carry when you do need to do so. If you’re on the market for a lightweight, slim scooter that’s easy to take on public transport, the Inokim Ox Super isn’t for you.

That being said, the large form factor of the Ox Scooter does have benefits. The most immediately noticeable is the large deck, which is wide enough to easily accommodate my large size 11 feet sideways without my toes hanging off the edge – something that can’t be said of many electric scooters.  
Inokim Ox Super Review

The bigger dimensions also provide a sense of stability and presence when riding, complemented by wide handlebars with plenty of space for brakes, a small LCD display and a bell.

The large dimensions continue with the wheels, with grippy air-filled 10in tyres that make short work of uneven surfaces – and unlike most alternatives, these can be removed and replaced without sending it back to the manufacturer.
Inokim Ox Super Review

In fact, that attention to detail is a theme across the Inokim Ox Super.

Every aspect of the Ox Super design feels purposeful, be it the built-in light detector that automatically turns your headlights and brake lights on in dark environment or the Inokim-branded kickstand to keep the scooter upright. Even the brake cables match the black and orange colour scheme of the scooter.

The most unique design element is undoubtedly the mono-forked wheel suspension design which, unlike practically every other popular electric scooter, isn’t directly attached to the stem. It not only looks unique and provides a ‘floating wheel’ design that looks incredible, but it’s practical too, offering a top-tier suspension system – but more on that a little later.
Inokim Ox Super Review

All those little details add to the already premium build of the Ox Super, a marked improvement over that from the likes of Xiaomi and Ninebot.

Essentially, the Inokim Ox Super is a stunningly good-looking, unique electric scooter full of bells and whistles that make your ride as easy as possible – it’s just not the most lightweight around.


  • 1000W motor may be overkill for some
  • Up to 28mph, but comes with built-in speed limiter for UK users
  • Incredibly fun and responsive ride
Riding an electric scooter is always a fun, exhilarating experience, but the Inokim Ox Super takes things to another level.

Beneath the attractive exterior is a 1000W gearless motor (with 1300W peak power) that leaves most other electric scooters in the dust – the Ninebot Max G30 topped out at 350W, and even that was more powerful than most budget options that ship with a 250W motor.
Inokim Ox Super Review

Combined with a 60V 21Ah battery and a smart power ratio that automatically adjusts power among both wheels, the Inokim Ox Super is rapid – and even that is a bit of an understatement. You see, while most electric scooters top out at 15mph, the high-power internals of the Ox Super mean it can reach speeds of up to an incredible 28mph.

It’s at this point that we have to note that electric scooters are illegal on public roads in the UK, and even electric bikes – which are legal – have to be capped at 15.5mph for safety reasons, so we wouldn’t recommend using the Ox Super at its full speed in public.

The good news is that it comes speed limited out of the box, taking you up to 15.5mph max, although it is fairly easy to remove the speed limiter if you’re riding on private property.
Inokim Ox Super Review

As you might expect from such a powerful setup, there’s a noticeable kick when you put your finger on the throttle. Though it was a little unnerving the first time I used the Ox Super, I quickly leant into the quick acceleration and it’s now one of my favourite characteristics of the scooter.

There are three gears to choose from, ranging from slow walking speeds to full speed (which depends on what you set), and these can be easily selected using the controls on the handlebar display.

Regardless of the mode you opt for, the ride feels fast, smooth and responsive, and the sheer power on offer means it doesn’t struggle with steep inclines at all – at least not ones I encountered in London!

That smooth ride is thanks in part to Inokim’s ‘Ox Suspension Adapters Patent’ (or OSAP for short) suspension system of the Ox Super – the reasoning behind the mono-forked wheel suspension design that makes the Ox Super look so cool.
Inokim Ox Super Review

It comes with low suspension installed out of the box, which is designed to provide a stable ride at high speeds, but there’s also a high suspension kit in the box – complete with all the tools and instructions you need to swap it out – that’s designed for off-road use, making the Ox Super a truly versatile scooter.

I can certainly attest to a smooth ride on roads using the low suspension, with factors like cracks and speedbumps not nearly as big a worry as riding scooters with no suspension. While I can still feel it when I go over bumps, cracks and other imperfections on the tarmac, the impact is much less noticeable.  

Equally as important as going fast is the ability to stop on a dime, especially in built-up areas.
Inokim Ox Super Review

The combination of a front drum brake and a rear disc brake, individually controlled by brakes on the handlebars, allows you to slow down and stop impressively quickly. Inokim has patented brake technology that allows it to be more stable than others I’ve used, leaving me feeling more confident about slamming on the brakes in an emergency.

Battery Life

  • Up to 54 miles on a charge
  • Still get 30-40 miles at fast speeds
  • Takes 10-11 hours to charge
Despite the speed and high-power motor at its heart, the Inokim Ox Super has impressive range. Featuring a 60V 21Ah (1260Wh) battery, Inokim claims that you can squeeze up to 54 miles (or 87km) out of a single charge – although not at top speed, of course.
Inokim Ox Super Review

While that impressive range is possible when using the slower eco mode, you’ll still comfortably squeeze 30-40 miles out of the scooter with standard usage.

In my experience with the Ox Super, I’ve travelled around 5 miles at 15mph (on average) and the battery indicator is yet to drop – an impressive feat for any scooter, let alone one that’s as fun to ride as the Ox Super.

The only downside to the long range is the size of the battery, which not only adds to the significant weight of the 28kg Ox Super but also means it takes a while to charge up – and by a while, I mean around 10-11 hours. That’s fairly significant compared to the likes of the 6 hours of the Ninebot Max G30, but the saving grace is that most riders won’t have to do that too often.

The charging process itself is simple, with a centrally mounted charging port on the deck of the scooter protected by a plastic lid when not in use. Current charge time is shown on the handlebar display, as you might expect.
Inokim Ox Super Review


With powerful internals, long range and a unique design, the Inokim Ox Super doesn’t come cheap. In fact, it’s comfortably at what I’d describe as the top-end of the electric scooter market with an RRP of £1,449 when bought directly from Inokim UK, although it can be found slightly cheaper at third-party retailers like Pure Electric (£1,389.99).

The Inokim Ox Super isn’t available in the US just yet, but the standard Inokim Ox – with a slightly less powerful motor – is available for $1,599 from the likes of Fluid Free Ride in the States.

If you want to see how the Inokim Ox Super compares to the competition, take a look at our selection of the best electric scooters.


The Inokim Ox Super is easily one of the most premium electric scooters I’ve ever had the chance to ride, not just in terms of design but features and performance too.

The unique design of the Ox Super stands out from a sea of generic electric scooters, with every design element playing a part in the high-end experience on offer, be it automatic lighting or the mono-fork wheel suspension design that makes the front wheel look like it’s floating free from the stem of the scooter.

Internally, there’s a 1000W motor (1300W at peak speeds) and a 60V 21Ah battery that can produce speeds at up to 28mph, but with electric bikes being limited to 15.5mph in the UK, it comes speed limited out of the box.

It might seem a bit overkill compared to the standard 250W/350W motors, but if you are on private land, it’s fairly easy to remove the speed restriction and feel the full power of that top-end motor.

Even with the speed cap in place, the Ox Super is rapid in use, with a notable kick when you put your finger on the throttle. It’s exhilarating, and hands-down one of the most enjoyable rides I’ve had.

The scooter sports a custom suspension system with two configurations – low and high – designed for on-road and off-road scooting respectively, making light work of bumps, cracks and other imperfections in the road, and it’s even possible to mount (low) kerbs too.

Equally as important are the brakes, and Inokim’s patented dual brake system works well in this regard too, stopping at a moment’s notice without loss of balance.  

Combine that with up to 54 miles of use from a single charge, and you’ve got a stunning – albeit very premium – scooter that can handle just about anything you can throw at it.


  • 60V 21Ah Lithium Battery
  • 1000W gearless motor (1300W peak)
  • Up to 28 mph, speed limited to 15.5mph in UK
  • Three gears
  • 28KG
  • 54 miles / 87 km range
  • 11-hour charge time
  • Front Drum Brake, Rear Disc Brake
  • 10in tyres
  • 1220 x 590 x 540mm (Folded)
  • 1200 x 590 x 1300 (Open)
  • 120KG load limit

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