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Best AirTag Accessories For 2022

Best AirTag Accessories For 2022 - Your Choice Way

The AirTag is a handy Bluetooth tracker, but you'll need accessories to attach it to your keys, rucksack and other valuables. Here's our selection of the best currently available.

Apple’s AirTag is the company’s Bluetooth tracker, working with the 100m+ iPhones and iPads around the world to connect you to the tracker even when you’re out of range, with additional benefits like precision location available to those using it with the latest iPhone.

It’s a capable tracker, then, but it’s not perfect; Apple’s pursuit of crafting a visually appealing tracker means it’s devoid of keyrings or even holes to attach your own. What are you to do if you want to track your keys or rucksack?

The good news is that there’s a bustling market of AirTag accessories available in 2022, coming in all shapes and sizes to accommodate every possible use of Apple’s Bluetooth tracker. We list some of the best AirTag accessories currently available right here.  

If you’re still on the fence about Apple’s tracker, take a look at our full Apple AirTag review.

Apple Leather Keyring

Apple Leather Keyring
  • $35
It’d be rude to not at least mention Apple’s own AirTag Leather keyring in our chart – after all, it is high quality, you just need to get over the fact it’ll cost a little more than your AirTag did.

The simplistic design of Apple’s leather keyring will be appreciated by most, showing off the etched Apple logo of the AirTag and the pristine white casing, and the tracker snaps into place snuggly and securely too.

The large stainless steel keyring is large enough to fit multiple sets of keys, although some may prefer to swap it out for something a little smaller like we did during testing.

Available in Baltic Blue, California Poppy, Forest Green, Saddle Brown and Product (RED), there’s likely a shade that’ll appeal to your taste.

Caseology Vault

Caseology Vault

The Caseology Vault is a rugged, slimline holder for the AirTag that’ll appeal to most. It’s made from military-grade thermoplastic polyurethane, and the sandstone finish gives the case a nice grippy texture too. The AirTag pops into place securely and sits flush within the holder for a premium finish.

The Vault comes with a removable carabiner, allowing you to clip the AirTag holder onto a set of keys, a rucksack or just about anything else with a hoop it can attach to, making it one of the more versatile holders in our chart.

The Caseology Vault is available in three colours – black, grey and navy blue – though the price is marginally different depending on the shade you go for.

dbrand AirTag Grip Case

dbrand AirTag Grip Case
  • $19.99
dbrand, famous for producing skins for phones, consoles and just about anything else you can think of, has turned its sights to the AirTag with its aptly named Grip Case.

It gets the name because of the textured finish of the AirTag holder, which dbrand charmingly describes as boasting “a tremendous number of grippy contact points for your butterfingers”.

It comes with both a keyring hoop and a lanyard depending on how you want to use the AirTag, and being dbrand, you can choose from one of many AirTag skins to apply to your tracker before it goes into the case. It’s a small touch, but it certainly jazzes things up and helps distinguish your different AirTags too.

Casetify Customisable AirTag Holder

Casetify Customisable AirTag Holder
  • $29
Casetify is another solid choice for AirTag holders; the plastic holders are made from recycled and compostable materials, making for a greener accessory than most others in our chart, and they do a great job at protecting the AirTag too with near 360-degree impact protection.

In fact, the only exposed part of the AirTag is the stainless steel belly, allowing you to show off your engravings (if you opted for one at purchase). Like other third-party alternatives, it also comes with a carabiner for easy attachment.

Of course, being Casetify, it’s all about the customisation. You can add text or images to your AirTag holder, with a selection of different fonts, text colours and body colours available from the site when ordering. If you want something totally unique, Casetify’s AirTag Holder is a great shout.  

Nomad AirTag Leather Keychain

Nomad AirTag Leather Keychain
  • $29.95

What if you don’t want your AirTag to look like an AirTag? Nomad has you covered with the AirTag Leather Keychain, offering a square vegetable-tanned Horween leather fob to completely house your tracker. The high-end finish helps justify the high price tag, and the leather should age nicely too.

It’s available in two colours – rustic brown and black – and comes with a matching PVD stainless steel keyring to attach your keys to.

Apple AirTag Loop

Apple AirTag Loop
  • $29

Apple’s official AirTag Loop is designed to be used with rucksacks, handbags and other items where the smaller keyring isn’t quite appropriate. Made from polyurethane, it’s lightweight and durable, and the AirTag fit is nice and snug too.

It certainly stands out more than keyring holders, but there are scenarios where that can be advantageous – like when leaving a rucksack on public transport. It’s easy for someone to spot the AirTag, scan it to get your contact info and return it to you.

Available in a yellow, orange, black and white – along with a more premium leather variant – the Loop is a handy accessory for those wanting to track rucksacks, bags and other forms of luggage.

ICARER Silicone Case for AirTag

ICARER Silicone Case for AirTag
  • Unavailable
ICARER’s Silicone case takes a slightly different approach to most accessories in our chart. While most others offer a keyring or carabiner to connect the AirTag to various accessories, the ICARER case is designed to slot onto straps. At 1.4in wide it should be compatible with a variety of straps, allowing you to discretely add AirTag tracking to a rucksack.

It also opens up the opportunity to attach one to a pet collar and track your fuzzy darlings – although this isn’t recommended by Apple as the location only updates when in range of an iOS device, unlike dedicated pet GPS trackers.

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