The Voyeurs Movie Review

The Voyeurs Movie Review
In a lot of ways, Michael Mohan's "The Voyeurs" feels like a relic of decades gone by. It looks and moves like a 1990s erotic thriller, a popular and lucrative genre that has long been extinct. Many have bemoaned modern day filmmaking for not embracing how ridiculous movies once were, but there are moments where "The Voyeurs" succeeds in capturing that sensation. The movie fumbles in the final act - perhaps becoming a bit too ridiculous - but those who express their disappointment in the sanitization of thrillers will find some appeal here.

It'll be hard to watch "The Voyeurs" and not think that it's ripping off "Rear Window," as many movies have tried to do (and some have been surprisingly successful, like 2007's "Disturbia"). Writer/director Mohan isn't shy about wearing his influences on his sleeve, but "The Voyeurs" presents itself as an homage rather than cheap mimicry.

As the movie begins, Pippa (Sydney Sweeney, who was terrifying with a simple glare on HBO's recent The White Lotus) and Thomas (Justice Smith) are moving into a gorgeous apartment. They have been waiting to take their relationship to the next level, and moving in together was the next serious step as a couple. On the first night, they notice that they can see into their neighbor's apartment across the street - and with the windows wide open, the neighbors likely know that people can see every private moment they have. It all starts as fun-and-games, but once Pippa and Thomas get to know more about Seb (Ben Hardy) and Julia (Natasha Liu Bordizzo), their spying is no longer as fun as they first thought it was.

The story's trajectory isn't all that shocking, but "The Voyeurs" does provide some depth by offer interesting discussions about Pippa and Thomas' actions and how they walk the line between innocent fun and obsession. It's easy for them to justify their actions because Seb and Julia leave their windows wide open to the world, but is it ever okay to immerse yourself in someone else's life uninvited? Of course not; and that's what "The Voyeurs" tackles as the story unfolds.

"The Voyeurs" packs a few surprises in the final act, but once the twists start piling up it begins to trip over itself. When a movie throws twists on top of twists it can start to feel a little desperate, like it's running out of ideas. Even so, "The Voyeurs" offers enough ethical and moral discussions to show that it has more on its mind than your average thriller.

"The Voyeurs" debuts on Amazon Prime Sept. 10.

The Voyeurs Movie Review By Matthew Passantino 

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