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Everybody Flies Movie Review

Everybody Flies Movie Review
Lying Flyers

Since there is never quite enough to worry about, why not check out another documentary that presents a much-needed dose of scary news?

Tristan Loraine is a former pilot who spent a number of years as a Captain for British Airways. He had to retire at the age of 44 due to ill heath related to contaminated air being circulated and subsequently breathed in by the passengers and crews on jets.

Now, Loraine has turned to filmmaking and he has written, directed, and is starring in an investigation of what ended his career and the careers of many others in commercial aviation, and it's not what you might think.

You might think the risk is from sick passengers on the plane sharing their germs with everyone else thanks to the cabin air recirculation system. But you'd be mistaken. The problem is is actually more insidious than that.

The villain in this particular story -- or at least the weapon -- is known as "bleed air." This refers to how air is circulated throughout the plane, and where that air comes from. According to the film-makers, every commercial jet currently in service except for the Boeing 787 uses this process. The air we breathe on these flights is sucked in from the outside through the jet engine.

Apparently, when the air passes through the engine it picks up a toxic chemical from the oil which then passes through the ventilation system and then into the lungs of everyone on board. That's bad news, obviously, but the far more troubling aspect is that airlines and jet manufacturers have known of this problem for many years. This is the exact same issue as when cigarette companies lied to the public for decades about the health risks of smoking.

Loraine spends the entire film presenting evidence, much of which is from the testimonies of multiple airline employees who have had major health impacts as a result of exposure to these airborne chemicals. The rest of the film deals with the corruption of the airlines and aircraft manufacturers and it's pretty much what you'd expect: sacrifices must be made (to unwitting victims) in the name of profitability. It's pretty depressing.

On a side note, I have personally run into the same corporate malfeasance in the fire extinguisher industry and with companies that produce chlorine. One can only imagine just how many industries operate under similar purely profit-driven motives: cutting corners in pursuit of the almighty dollar.

Anyway, "Everybody Flies" is extremely thorough and presents its evidence in a manner that is compelling and easy to understand. It's very well made. The only question is in these troubled times are you ready to absorb more depressing news?
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