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Samsung Clean Station Review

Samsung's new suction bin does exactly what it claims

Should I buy the Samsung Clean Station?
  • Efficient
  • Good for people with allergies
  • Noisy
  • Pricey
Our Verdict
  • This add-on is a good product for people who suffer from a sensitivity to dust. For the rest of us, it's probably a purchase too far.
Price when reviewed
  • $199
The Clean Station is a corded vacuum bin that’s compatible with vacuum cleaners in Samsung’s Jet range. It adds the benefit of using bags to a bagless vacuum cleaner system – namely, it prevents dust escaping when you empty the cleaner’s dustbin.
What Does The Clean Station Do?
Now that bagless vacuum cleaners are the new normal, people with a sensitivity to dust or with related allergies can have problems when it comes to emptying the vacuum cleaner’s dust bin. While bags keep the user protected from dust, bagless cleaners mean there’s a point at which the dust removal process is compromised – when the vacuum cleaner filter is emptied into the bin.  

Most good cleaners now have a Hepa (high efficiency particulate air) filter, which will trap 99.97% of particulates that are 3 micrometres or larger. But if you get a mushroom cloud of dust in the face every time you empty it, vacuuming is still going to bring on symptoms.

This is where Samsung’s Clean Station comes in.

Using The Clean Station
The Clean Station is very simple to use. It’s a corded appliance that contains a bag much like the one you’d find in a traditional vacuum cleaner. You simply pop out your full cleaner bin (it’s easy to remove) and click it into place in the top of the Clean Station. It forms a secure seal and sucks in the dust and dirt and traps it in the bag. Hey presto. Job done.

It’s equipped with a five layered Hepa filtration system and it works exactly as it claims. It is a completely dust-free process.

The Clean Station is a dark grey, column-shaped, plastic bin with dimensions of 60 x 18 x 19cm. In other territories, it's available in white. There’s a light on the front that comes on when in use, to let you know that it’s in operation (as if the noise didn’t alert you). When you attach the vacuum cleaner bin, it glows blue, looking a lot like Tony Stark’s arc reactor. 

The whole process of using it is quite satisfying. This is definitely how waste disposal is supposed to feel in the 21st Century. 
It is also, however, extremely noisy. When it starts up, it sounds like an airplane taking off.

Apparently, you should only need to change the bag inside the Clean Station every 2-3 months. An indicator light will turn red to alert you when it's time. However, the bag inside it is 16 x 13 x 13cm, and depending on how often you clean, I'd be surprised if you got even a month's use from it.

The trouble with adding another step to the process of doing anything is that sooner or later, you're tempted to skip it. I know that at some point, I'd end up emptying the vacuum cleaner straight into my kitchen bin, and the Clean Station would be abandoned.  

Price & Availability
The Clean Station is available from Samsung websites worldwide. In the US, it costs $199 but if you buy it with a Jet vacuum cleaner, you'll get a discount of $100. It's also available in Australia, for $299 (AUD) but, again, if you buy it with a compatible vac, it's yours for $100. A similar multiple purchase discount does not yet seem to be available in the UK, where the price is £199.   

The issue with the Clean Station is that it’s a solution to a problem that the majority of people don’t have.

For most of us, carefully emptying the filter into the bin isn’t too much of a stretch. And as the filters on the Jet series of vacuum cleaners are so easy to remove, empty and clean, the Clean Station isn’t essential.

However, it does exactly what it claims to. That is, it protects the user against escaping dust when emptying the vacuum cleaner filter. So, if you want to use a bagless vacuum cleaner but are troubled by dust when emptying the bin, this product will get the job done. But for everyone else, this almost £200 add-on is not a necessary purchase, although we’d absolutely recommend the compatible vacuum cleaners.

If you’d like to find out more about Samsung’s Jet cleaners, we reviewed the PowerStick Jet and gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars. It’s a hugely powerful and versatile appliance. To see which vacuum cleaners we recommend and how the Samsung Powerstick Jet measures up, check out our round-up of the best vacuum cleaners we've tested.
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