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Vivo X50 Release Date, Price & Specs

The Vivo X50, X50 Pro & X50 Pro+ boast high refresh rates, quad cameras, and unique gimbal stabilisation

Vivo has released plenty of phones already this year, but it’s not done yet. The Vivo X50, X50 Pro and X50 Pro+ have now been launched in China and could be heading elsewhere soon.
Here’s what we know about the Vivo X50 series.

When Will The Vivo X50 Be Released?
Vivo announced the X50 series in China on 1 June, and confirmed that these will be "the first X series products that will be made available to international markets."

The company hasn't confirmed which markets those will be however. An Indian launch seems likely, but we're not sure if Europe or the rest of the world will get the phones through official channels or not.
How Much Will The X50 Cost?
The standard X50 costs CNY3,498 (£395/$490) with 128GB storage, and CNY3,898 (£440/$545) with 256GB. The Pro jumps up a little to CNY4,298 (£485/$600) for the 128GB model, and CNY4,698 (£530/$660) for 256GB storage.

The X50 and X50 Pro are both available on Chinese retailer, so if you don't want to wait for a worldwide release you can order a Chinese handset to be shipped to the UK or Europe.

What About The X50 Design?
All three phones look similar, with corner punch-hole cameras on the front and rectangular camera modules on the rear. They're sleek too - the regular X50 especially, which at 7.49mm is currently the thinnest 5G phone on the market, though at 8mm the others aren't much thicker.
The 6.5in AMOLED panels on the Pro and Pro+ models are curved, while the standard X50 has a flat finish on the front. All three have high refresh rate displays, at either 90 or 120Hz.

All three phones are available in blue and black with a frosted glass finish, though the regular X50 also has a pink variant, and the Pro+ gets a special dark blue version.

What Are Vivo X50 Specs?
All three X50 phones will be 5G-enabled and powered by Qualcomm chipsets, with the Snapdragon 765G powering the X50 and X50 Pro, and the faster Snapdragon 865 at the heart of the X50 Pro+.

The phones include 8GB of RAM, with options for 128GB or 256GB storage - though the Pro+ only has the higher storage SKU.
Camera is where the phones pull apart more. The Pro and Pro+ include a periscope zoom lens that goes up to 60x Hyper Zoom, along with Vivo's Super Night Mode and Astro Mode, so they should be strong nighttime cameras.

The Pro models also both feature the gimbal-style stabilisation that Vivo first teased with the Apex 2020 concept phone. Modelled after full-size gimbals, this system moves in the opposite direction of any shaking to even video out - if it works well, this could be the best video stabilisation in any phone on the market.

The Pro+ steps things up even further with Samsung's 50Mp 1/1.3 inch ISOCELL GN1 sensor, making it the first phone in the world to use Samsung's latest sensor. This features dual-pixel auto focus, 4-in-1 pixel binning, and can support 8K video recording, so should be seriously impressive.

The other two phones use the 48Mp Sony IMX598 for their main sensor, and all three have 32Mp selfie shooters.
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