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2022 INFINITI Q50 Review

2022 INFINITI Q50 Review
  • Twin-turbo boost
  • Lots of tech
  • Clean styling
  • Intriguing SUV alternative
  • So-so interior
  • Lousy fuel economy
  • Weird steering feel
  • Equally quirky brakes
  • Stick with the base Q50 Luxe for the best value here.

It may not be the freshest design, but the 2022 Infiniti Q50 rewards with good power and a decent value proposition.

What kind of car is the 2022 Infiniti Q50? What does it compare to?
The 2022 Infiniti Q50 is a compact luxury sedan with decidedly sporty moves. It’s been around since the 2014 model year, but still is worth shopping against the BMW 3-Series, Audi A4, and Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

Is the 2022 Infiniti Q50 a good car?
While a bit behind the times in some ways, the 2022 Q50 counters with plenty of power and reasonable pricing. We score this range at 5.6 out of 10.

What's new for the 2022 Infiniti Q50?
A big price bump for 2022 is justified by newly standard leather seats and Bose audio, features that previously cost more last year, as well as wireless Apple CarPlay.
2022 INFINITI Q50 Review

The Q50 is a four-door sedan with close ties to the Q60 coupe. Its curvy lines date back to the G35 and G37 that were staples of the automaker’s lineup in the early 21st century. Though hardly fresh, the Q50 has clean enough looks inside and out.

Base versions use a powerful 300-hp twin-turbocharged V-6 that’s amped up to 400 hp in Red Sport 400 guise. A 7-speed automatic transmission is mandatory. Rear-wheel drive is standard and all-wheel drive is optional. Handling is fine, but the Red Sport's bigger wheels and tires can render the ride overly firm.

Leather seating is standard, and Infiniti details the interior with metallic trim and semi-aniline leather on top grades, but the rear seat and trunk space pull up shy of the more highly rated vehicles in this niche.

Good crash test scores and widespread active safety tech highlighted by a terrific adaptive cruise control system make the Q50 a safe choice. 

How much does the 2022 Infiniti Q50 cost?
This year, the 2022 Q50 Luxe starts at $43,125, a $5,400 bump over last year’s base price. A Q50 Red Sport comes in at $58,975, which isn’t a bad value given the amount of power underhood. Most buyers will find plenty to like in a base Q50 Luxe, though.

Where is the 2022 Infiniti Q50 made?
In Japan.


The Q50 has familiar, but pleasant, styling outside.

Is the Infiniti Q50 a good-looking car?
The 2022 Q50’s basic shape has been around for a while, but it’s aging well overall. We rate it at 6 out of 10 on the TCC scale. 

Squint and you’ll see hints of now-classic G35, updated with more swoops and scallops. Q50 Red Sport versions have bigger air intakes and chunkier wheels to go along with their power upgrade.
2022 INFINITI Q50 Review

Inside, the Q50 looks as if it’s been designed more by committee than by artists. The vertical arrangement to its twin-screen dash is needlessly busy, and it looks more like a product of 20 years ago that has been updated with touchscreens rather than a modern style.


Infiniti offers a lot of underhood muscle for the money in both versions of the 2022 Q50.

Is the Infiniti Q50 4WD?
It can be. Infiniti offers all-wheel drive across the line for $2,000 extra. 

How fast is the Infiniti Q50?
2022 INFINITI Q50 Review

Base versions are plenty powerful thanks to a 300-hp twin-turbocharged V-6, which doles out power to the wheels through a 7-speed automatic transmission. That power output is more in line with rivals that cost closer to $50,000, making the Q50 a good value play. 

Q50 Red Sport 400 versions spin up an extra 100 hp from the same engine and feel remarkably fast in normal driving. 

Ride quality is good in any configuration, but handling isn’t as good as that of its rivals. An optional set of adaptive dampers on the Q50 Red Sport 400 try to tame the ride impacts generated by big 19-inch wheels, but don’t always succeed. Infiniti has dropped its former drive-by-wire steering system in the Q50, so all versions have good responses with some feedback.

Overall, we rate this range at 6 thanks to power from its turbocharged engines. 

Comfort & Quality

The 2022 Infiniti Q50 feels more luxurious inside this year thanks to newly standard leather seats.

Aging design aside, the 2022 Infiniti Q50 wears nice materials inside and has decent space. We rate it at 6 out of 10; fresher looks and more innovative trim would elevate it. 

Newly standard leather is a good call, while semi-aniline hides can be ordered on costlier versions. Front-seat riders have supportive thrones with lots of power adjustment. Rear-seat passengers will discover acceptable leg room but a narrow bench not suited to long-distance travel with three adults aboard. 

The 13.2 cubic-foot trunk is on the small side, and its opening is curiously tight.
2022 INFINITI Q50 Review

Base Luxury versions have aluminum trim inside, while woodgrain is included with Sensory and Red Sport grades.


The 2022 Infiniti Q50 has not been fully crash-tested.

How safe is the Infiniti Q50?
Until the NHTSA and the IIHS finish smacking 2022 Infiniti Q50 sedans into walls, we can’t assign a score here. The NHTSA has no data. What the IIHS provides is incomplete but generally scored as “Good” aside from “Acceptable” and “Marginal” headlight ratings. 

Every Q50 rolls out of the factory with automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitors, and a surround-view camera system, plus adaptive cruise control.


The 2022 Infiniti Q50 is more expensive this year, but it’s actually a better value.

We score the 2022 Infiniti Q50 at 6 out of 10 thanks to its decent standard specifications list. 

Which Infiniti Q50 should I buy?
The Q50 comes in three flavors: Luxe, Sensory, and Red Sport 400. Those may sound more like tie brands at JCPenney, but they are actually three well-equipped trim levels.
2022 INFINITI Q50 Review

Our money would be on a base Q50 Luxe, which this year comes with leather seats that are heated and power-adjustable up front, a moonroof, a dual-screen infotainment system with wireless Apple CarPlay, and a host of crash-avoidance features including adaptive cruise  control. No rival offers a similar feature set for the money. 

The Sensory runs about $49,000 and adds bigger wheels, the option for brown leather, and a navigation system. 

How much is a fully loaded Infiniti Q50?
The Red Sport 400 tops the range at $58,975. On all versions, all-wheel drive costs $2,000 more, and several extra-cost paint colors are available to tempt.

Fuel Economy

The 2022 Infiniti Q50 trades on its power, not its frugality.

Is the Infiniti Q50 good on gas?
Not especially. The 2022 Q50 slurps down premium fuel at a faster rate than its competitors, earning it just 4 out of 10 points on our scale.

Base cars are rated at 20 mpg city, 29 highway, 23 combined. Adding all-wheel drive knocks those numbers down to 19/27/22 mpg.
2022 INFINITI Q50 Review

The Red Sport 400 comes in at 22 mpg combined, which isn’t a huge dent given its extra power output. 

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