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2022 BMW X2 Review

2022 BMW X2 Review
  • Neat looks outside
  • Poised chassis
  • Good powertrain lineup
  • Lots of options
  • Predictably cramped interior
  • Gets expensive
  • Skip the M Sport in favor of the M35i
  • So-so fuel economy
  • The M Sport package adds a dose of sportiness, but it’s priced high enough that it may be worth jumping up to the M35i.

Quirky, stylish, and fun in M flavors, the 2022 BMW X2 makes a case for SUV shoppers who can go easy on the practicality.

What kind of vehicle is the 2022 BMW X2? What does it compare to?
The BMW X2 is a small SUV with a shape that prioritizes style above utility. Compare it to the Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class and Volvo XC40, among others. 

Is the 2022 BMW X2 a good car/SUV?
Though it’s hardly the most practical small crossover SUV, the BMW X2 has an appealing blend of style and performance that helps it score a TCC Rating of 6.2 out of 10.

What's new for the 2022 BMW X2?
Minor tweaks this year include expanded availability of a black exterior trim package and a slight price hike. 
2022 BMW X2 Review

The X2’s sleek looks are unchanged; this model does a great job splitting the difference between hatchbacks and small SUVs, and it brims with fun exterior touches such as BMW roundels mounted to the rearmost roof pillars and available bronze exterior trim. 

Inside, however, the X2 comes up a little dull unless you specify one of the more playful interior combinations.

The X2 makes use of 2.0-liter turbo-4 engines in either 228- or 301-hp tunes, paired with an 8-speed manual and front- or all-wheel drive. Base cars are peppy enough, while the 301-hp M35i is quite quick. 

Even though these cars use a non-traditional (for BMW) front-wheel-drive setup, they have good handling and a generally composed ride that gets more brittle as the wheel sizes grow larger. Fuel economy is so-so. 

A dash shared with the closely-related X1 houses a big touchscreen with Apple CarPlay compatibility and one of the better infotainment setups. 

Front-seat riders have excellent thrones; row two can be cramped for anything more than short stints. Cargo space is down slightly versus the X1, but it’s still worth the “utility” tag.

Safety-wise, the X2 has generally done well in crash tests, though adaptive cruise control is a costly extra. 

How much does the 2022 BMW X2 cost?
2022 BMW X2 Review

The 2022 X2 starts at $37,595, and all-wheel-drive is $2,000 more. A nicely-equipped xDrive28i runs about $45,000, while the X2 M35i starts at $47,445.

Where is the 2022 BMW X2 made?
In Germany. 

The 2022 BMW X2 presents a striking face outside but comes across rather dull inside.

Is the BMW X2 a good-looking car?
It can be an acquired taste, but the X2 eschews the sloping-roof SUV look that’s so common on rivals now for balanced, squat appearance more like a big hatchback.

It works outside, but we wish the interior offered up similar thrills. It’s a 6 here, with a point extra for the shapely body.
2022 BMW X2 Review

The X2 is a close relative to the comparatively pedestrian X1, albeit with a much larger color palette that goes beyond the standard lease-special gray hues BMW likes for its mainstream models. Additionally, the X2 offers slicker wheels and many dress-up accessories, should you have a budget to kill this year.

Inside, the X2 is too close to the X1, though. Its dash is clean and organized, but dull, although at least there are some more interesting trim colors on offer.


The X2’s deft handling finds it match in the M35i.

Is the BMW X2 4WD?
Base models are front-wheel drive, but the xDrive28i and the M35i send power to all four corners. 

How fast is the BMW X2?
2022 BMW X2 Review

The X2 comes in two flavors, both with versions of a 2.0-liter turbo-4. The sDrive28i and xDrive28i versions put 228 hp and 258 lb-ft down to the front or all four wheels via an 8-speed automatic. The M35i pairs a 301-hp version with a stiffened suspension.

Our seat time has only been in xDrive28i versions, which are more popular anyway. They score a 6 out of 10 thanks to their powertrains.

With the base setup, the X2 has entertaining moves over the road. Even though these are front-wheel-drive BMWs they take corners well and have nicely weighted steering. Power pours on smoothly and the automatic responds quickly.

Ride-wise, the X2 comes in a fairly soft base suspension or an optional M Sport that is a pricey option. We’d give the M Sport a point for handling, were it the more commonly available model. If the M Sport package appeals to you, you may want to consider spending for the M35i; it’s not that much more money at that point, but our experience in the X1 with larger wheels and tires has been mixed, due to a more flinty ride.

Comfort & Quality

The 2022 BMW X2 is more spacious than it looks, but it’s not as luxurious as its price tag suggests.

That sloping roofline doesn’t intrude into the cabin as you might expect, but we wish BMW would dress up the X2’s interior a bit more. It scores a 6 out of 10 based on its larger-than-a-sedan cargo hold.

Front-seat riders have comfy enough thrones with power adjustment. Rear-seat passengers have 37 inches of leg room, though head room can be tight with the available sunroof for taller passengers. The rear seat is not wide enough for three adults to sit comfortably. 

Cargo space is reasonable at 22 cubic feet behind the rear seat, a poor showing for an SUV but decent against all other cars on the market. 
2022 BMW X2 Review

BMW slaps too many hard plastics into the X2, though optional leather and dressier trim can spruce it up for a price.


The 2022 BMW X2 comes with an expected array of crash-avoidance tech.

How safe is the BMW X2?
That we don’t exactly know, though the IIHS has had mostly good things to say about it, aside from an “Acceptable” score for its headlights and an “Advanced” rating for its crash-avoidance tech. Both scores are one away from perfect. Without complete ratings, we can’t rate the X2 yet.

All X2s leave the factory with automatic emergency braking, but adaptive cruise control requires nearly $4,000 in optional extras to unlock. 


The 2022 BMW X2 can get costly thanks to its lengthy buffet of optional extras.

Base BMW X2s are reasonably well-equipped by new car standards, though at $37,595 they are pricey fashion statements. An 8.8-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay compatibility, automatic emergency braking, and synthetic leather seats are standard fare. 

Between its standard and optional equipment, plus a 4-year/50,000-mile warranty, the X2 rates 8 out of 10. 

Which BMW X2 should I buy?
2022 BMW X2 Review

Go easy on the options and an xDrive28i with leather seats and a few other niceties can be found for around $43,000. Optioning one up with adaptive cruise control pushes it over $45,000, though. 

How much is a fully loaded BMW X2?
It’s for the X2 M35i, but BMW asks more than $55,000 for one with all the boxes checked. Hey, it’s your money.

Fuel Economy

The 2022 BMW X2 serves up reasonable fuel economy given its power output.

Is the BMW X2 good on gas?
While there is no hybrid version available, the standard BMW X2 is decently economical. It rates a 5 out of 10 on the TCC scale.

The sDrive28i is rated at 24 mpg city, 32 highway, 27 combined, making it the greenest of the bunch. All-wheel drive dings the highway figure to 31 mpg.
2022 BMW X2 Review

M35i models are a bit thirstier at 23/30/26 mpg. All versions slurp down premium fuel.

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