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Nobody Movie Review

Nobody Movie Review
It feels like we always talk about Liam Neeson when comes to these kinds of movies. When the first "Taken" came out, it was such a pleasant surprise, as far as action movies go (not so much the sequels, or the handful of the Neeson action movies that came after it). It's now Bob Odenkirk's turn to be initiated into the "men of a certain age" action genre and he gets to show off his skills with "Nobody," from director Ilya Naishuller.

The movie opens showing the mundanity of Hutch Mansell's (Odenkirk) life. He goes through the week exercising, just missing the trucks on garbage day, and going to his office job. Hutch's life isn't so much built around a tightly regimented schedule, but a case of routine. Hutch doesn't seem bored and miserable, he seems complacent. The monotony has clearly affected his marriage with Becca (Connie Nielsen) - if only something could shake things up.

Turns out that something is a home invasion. Two people break into the Mansell family home in the middle of the night, seemingly looking for anything they can get their hands on. When Hutch goes down to investigate what the noise is, he comes face-to-face with the intruders, and is able to talk them down, after a bit of a scuffle (his teenage son is eager to lend a helping hand to protect the home as well). Hutch's calmness in the face of chaos is suspicious, and after the break in he keeps finding himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. One night on a public bus Hutch tries to protect a girl from being harassed by a group of guys, and from that point on, Hutch's life deviates from his daily schedule.

"Nobody" is written by Derek Kolstad, who penned the "John Wick" films. Hutch certainly proves to have a certain set of skills, but "Nobody" is more reflective of the Keanu Reeves-starring series than Neeson's "Taken" trilogy. As a writer, Kolstad is comfortable living in this world, giving actors a career shift and allowing them to show a new side while headlining an action film.

Odenkirk proves he has the goods as he shifts from character actor to leading man. Though he has been front-and-center in TV's "Better Call Saul," playing the slippery and sleazy lawyer from "Breaking Bad," this is his first chance at his own movie. He has been reliable for so long in supporting roles, often disappearing into ensembles. He is more than game to show he is ready a late-career renaissance.

A lot of the action sequences are entertaining, especially the bus scene, which doesn't rely on a heavy soundtrack to try and amp up the mood. Kolstad's script isn't fully-realized as we get to know more about Hutch or his relationship with his father (Christopher Lloyd, having a lot of fun). Some of the story's twists feel like they skip a few steps before arriving at a reveal. The unevenness breaks momentum when it should be ramping up as the movie goes on.

It's unclear if "Nobody" will spawn a series for Odenkirk, and it doesn't necessarily have to. "Taken" was such a hit that a sequel became inevitable, and "John Wick" came at the right time for Reeves' career. All of these movies feel the same, so lets just let have Odenkirk have this moment and move on.
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